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Upcoming Board Meeting

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June 9th


Board Meeting at Welsh Park

Coyote sighting

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I live by the Blue Lake access on the old part of Interlachen Ln. Last night at 9pm I was out in our front yard with my dog when a very large coyote came walking right down the middle of Interlachen Lane. I thought it was a German Shepherd at first because of its size. He didn’t seem to have any concern or fear of me or my dog who barked at him/her. Thought you might want to let our Interlachen Lane residents know as many let their dogs out and/or walk them at this time. Thank you!

Missing Dog

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A couple stopped their car along side me as I was blowing the street. They had a beautiful black Lab mix with a bad Cataract in her right eye. The dog had got lose and was up on Interlachen and Marine drive. They ask me to send out a message to the neighborhood to see if anyone is missing a pet. Could you forward this message to the  community and if someone is missing a pet they can call the numbers below.

Craig Edwards 310 651 4782 or Sherri Ewards 503 234 9430

David Winterholler

Critical Meeting Regarding Trammell Crow Proposal

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Your attendance and financial help is needed now. This is our last chance to appeal Gresham’s decision regarding Trammell Crow’s (TC) industrial development.

Please attend the Gresham hearing review to appeal TC’s permit application. WE NEED YOU THERE!

Anyone can speak for 3 minutes or provide written testimony to the hearing officer.

HEARING DATE: Thursday, August 3rd at 9:30AM

Gresham City Chambers (in the Public Safety and Schools Building) 1333 NW Eastman Parkway

You can help us by writing a check to The Lakes Community, PO Box 1563, Fairview OR 97024. Or give it to Roger or Mel. Any question, please email or call:

Kayak found

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During the last storm, a kayak floated down to the east end of Fairview Lake and is at David and Helen Skau’s house. If you lost it, please claim it. Contact them at 503-926-3138.

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