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January 21st, 2020

Interlachen HOA Meeting Minutes

Present: Jerry Mylet, Mike Vest, Roxanne Redwine, Kevin Morrow, Deborah Weaver, Cathie Smits

Bettianne Goetz – Historian

Board Members Absent – Tom Burns, Matt Williams,

(Acting Secretary – Kevin Morrow)

Called to Order by President

01/21/2020 6:38 pm

  • Comments by Bettianne Goetz (Historian)

Bettianne Goetz and Bev Knight request 15 minutes at the upcoming annual HOA meeting to present the model home of Maude Morrow and an historical accounting of how it came to be. Also, Barbara Welsh on behalf of Mary Lou Johnson will present the historical pictures Mary Lou has donated to the Troutdale historical society.

Bettianne also suggested

  • That money be used from the Road and Parks budget to refresh the east Interlachen corner.
  • That the future board meeting dates are posted at the Nick Welsh Park bulletin board.
  • Vice President Report – Mike Vest

The sub-committee working on securing future co-funding of Blue Lake water fills from Metro met with Metro Management and afterwards followed up by email to Shirly Craddock (County Commissioner) with little progress made.  Ms. Craddock’s response was that she supports her “staff” at Metro during their planning deliberations and the resulting conclusions on whether co-funding water-fills is the best use of the funds requested by the Blue Lake HOA.  Ms. Craddock suggested we continue to work with the Park Operations management on any immediate or future requests.

  • FLPOE/PUD – Debbie Weaver

Sewer work along the south side of Interlachen lane is finished up except for some work around the Interlachen Lane manholes that are feeders from the north houses on Interlachen main sewer lines that drain down to the south sewer lines.   

Walmart shopping carts have been found sitting around Interlachen lane.  If found, call Walmart or other (if applicable) and they will come pick it up. 

  • Treasurer Report – Roxanne Redwine

Not a lot of activity this last month.  First installment of Officers Insurance was paid.  The balance will be paid next month.  Beginning balance for December 2019 was $48,708.24 and ending balance for the month was 47,239.59.  December was successfully reconciled.

Discussion by the board on the Blue Lake Reserve which needs to be replenished due to the water fills paid in 2019.  In order to cover up to 2 feet of water fill in 2020, or 4 feet if Metro cost shares a motion was made and seconded to increase the Blue Lake Reserve annual fee from $50 to $150 for the Blue Lake residences.  The motion carried.

The 2020 Dues Letter and explanation of the Blue Lake Reserve increase will go out to members in early to mid-February.

  • Blue Lake Commissioner – Kevin Morrow

Water height as increased a few inches since fall but is still ~18” down from desired height.  Kevin will watch the rise over the next couple months to see where it ends up by spring.  Kevin will also reach out to the City of Portland to continue our requests for “free” water when available from pump maintenance.

  • Membership Commissioner – Cathie Smits

No activity to report.

  • Next HOA Board meeting is scheduled for February 18th at 6:30pm; Location – Roxanne Redwine’s residence. 

Meeting was moved to adjourn on general agreement at 7:30 PM