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Interlachen HOA –  2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

Date, Time, and Location: April 9th, 2019, 6:30 p.m. at Stomping Grounds Coffeehouse.

Jerry Called to Order 7:04pm:

A quorum was reached to conduct the meeting with those present.

Update on Blue Lake House and Blue Lake Park progress.

Thanks to Chris and Stacy Stochel for Stomping Grounds use of facilities.

Roger introduced new members.

Passed out flags for new members of the HOA.

Jerry introduced the minutes from the last meeting. There was a motion from the crowd to approve and it was seconded and approved without objection.

Karen Castillo was introduced to discuss the Levee District. She discussed the current Levee System and upcoming modifications being made to the system. SB 431 was introduced and discussed.

Jerry introduced the board.

Officers reports:

Jerry: Lake update

Mike: General information

Roger: Budget introduction. Audience/member motioned for a pass of the budget. Member seconded and it passed without challenge.

Matt: Meeting minutes on the website.

Kevin: Lake report that the lake fill was denied in 2018. No changes on the rules. Metro and City of Portland are in discussions. Reported that Metro is working on a lake fill for May 15.

The members offered to fix the ramp directly, requested that the system flush is directed to the lake. The solar bees need to be turned off during the lake fill. They should also be moved. Joe brought up the issues with the Solar Bees.

Weeds and lilies were noted as an ongoing issue. Blue lake committee head, Jon Wissler, said he did a chemical treatment to the weeds in May and it worked well.

Reiterated boat safety and the permits needed.

Tom: Reported on the wall on Fairview Lake which was handled for $4,500, the Road maintenance and Park work. Planting trees and landscaping is needed so he passed around a signup sheet.

Bob Dolphin reported for FLOPA saying that May 1st is the fill date for Fairview Lake. The weir will be closed on April 17th and should be filled by May 1st. Fairview Lake is fed by Columbia Slough so be aware of the health of the fish.

Terry Chultz and Mel Reiff from PUD reported that the water passed all the tests and the water quality is good. Various incidents of having to complete repairs. 2018 was high on expenses especially for the alarm system there. Dues will stay the same. New Hydrant will be installed. Water board was introduced.

Roger reported that we had 94 members last year. This year we had 100 paid members.

Erika reported on the Social Calendar. She introduced the events and Easter egg hunt with eggs being dropped off at her house at 20445 NE Interlachen.

Nominating committee report by Jean Maclemore.

Roxanne was introduced as treasurer.

Tom Burns introduced as roads and parks commissioner.

Matt Williams introduced as Secretary.

Kevin Morrow introduced as the Lake Commissioner.

Cathie Smits introduced as the representative for FLOPA.

All were acknowledged.

Tom Burns addressed the members and introduced the modification of the bylaws allowing the HOA to lien those who are benefiting from our services and not paying the dues.

Member asked that we itemize the dues, explore a taxation district in lieu of the lien and she feels like the lien could cause a lawsuit that bankrupt the HOA.

Another member suggested we hire an attorney to advise us on the process and legality of it. Tom introduced the LID.

Member questioned whether they were protected. An insurance policy was mentioned.

The board adopted a measure to allow the board to decide to lien properties for non-payment of dues. 20 for the measure. 21 against. This did not pass.

The Audit Committee confirmed the budget and reconciliation was cleared and it was voted on. It was passed.

Roger went over the budget and introduced the Centennial budget fund. $1,000 was approved by the board and reported to the membership. He moved that we approve the budget for 2019. Member requested that the minutes reflect no intention to spend the funds in the blue lake and road budget. The motion and budget passed.

A special recognition was given to Roger and Betty Keast for their work with the community.

Meeting adjourned by Jerry Mylet at 8:52pm.