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Interlachen HOA – 2018 Board Meeting Minutes – March

Date, Time, and Location: March 18th, 2019, 6:30 p.m. at Matt Williams Home.

Meeting called to order by President Jerry Mylet at 6:44 p.m.

Attendance: Tom Burns, Kevin Morrow, Debbie Weaver, Roger Keast, Mike Vest, Jerry Mylet and Matt Williams

Absent: Helen Skau

Guests: Karen Carillo and Evan Mitchell from District Levee Committee – Levee Ready Columbia.

Asked about the 3/28/19 at Colwood Golf Course 6-7:30. The important piece of it for them under Statute 547. 50% of the total acreage have to attend/vote in order to make decisions. The Portland Water Bureau controls the lake fills. They are technically only responsible for the conveyance of the water to avoid flooding and meeting federal standards.

April 28th, 2019 is the Western Side Levee Ride.

Looking at remaining FEMA compliant after the Army Core of Engineers and FEMA restructured the standards. The way that the process has been run was based on the residents paying the fees directly based on those affected. They are now trying to update the system with representatives and expanding the district. Also, combining all 4 districts into one as it is seen from a Federal Level. The drainage systems cannot currently consider the environment and new legislation would allow that. The updated regulations would also reallocate the funds from more residents.

The map will expand to the Multnomah County Urban Growth Boundary.

Excused: Helen Skau, Cathie Smits

Minutes: Prior meeting minutes approved.

PRESIDENT, Jerry Mylet

All along Fairview Lake got a sewer line check received a notice needing access. Written permission from HOA needed. Matt made motion to accept. All agreed.

Metro from Blue Lake Park is supposed to pay ½ of the fill of $5,000 on 5/15/19 and they told Jerry they can’t afford it.

They have still not completed the repair of the house there. The water and the sewer is the issue there.

The boat ramp is also being delayed to wanting it to be partnered with the wall repair.

Tom mentioned that the communication with the staff at Metro is directly impacting the residents of Interlachen and the community. A letter will be written to Shirley Craddick with Metro. Matt Williams will meet with Tom, Roger and Jerry and draft a letter emphasizing the importance of a great relationship with Metro and then the letter will be sent by April 9th. Along with an invite.



In charge of Nomination Committee for 19/20 committee. Rob Johnson, Mel Reiff and Jean Macklemore.

Lynne Godat must be elected for Membership.
Mike Vest for VP.
Jerry Mylet for President.
Matt Williams must be elected by the membership.
Roger Keast for Treasurer must be re-elected.
Tom Burns for Street and Park need re-election.
Debbie Weaver for Flopa and PUD .
Kevin Morrow for Lake.
Cathie Smit for Membership.

Mike will reach out to nominating committee.

SECRETARY, Matt Williams:

Matt will send missing minutes to the webmaster.

April 9th is the annual meeting. Matt will then have an organizational meeting with the board to announce the additional information for annual meeting information.

Roger is sending an email.
Mike is going to coordinate the planning session prior to the meeting.

Matt makes the motion that the annual minutes are approved.

TREASURER, Roger Keast:

Ending Balance of $47,302.62. Budget is the same as last year. We are currently at $16,207 on the road reserve. Looking at $5,000 for next year for the Road Reserve. The Blue Lake reserve will be $12,558 for next year. 20% of dues have paid. We have a year’s cash in the bank.

Matt motioned that we approve the expenses in the report. Passed.



Tom motioned that we create a Centennial Reserve Fund and place $1,000. It passed.

4/6/19 Fish Fry for all you can eat at St. Therese Hall. Call Tom for pre-sale tickets.

RESOLVED: This was included in the budget.


He is picking up boat stickers this week for 2019. We expect 21 boats.





  • Rockwood is working on the fire hydrants still.
  • Pump #1 – It is now notifying us of any conditions.


Nothing reported.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m. Next meeting is an organizational meeting on April 16th , 2019.