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Interlachen HOA – 2019 Board Meeting Minutes – February

Date, Time, and Location: February, 4th, 2019, 6:30 p.m. at Tom Burns Home.

Meeting called to order by President Jerry Mylet at 6:40 p.m.

Attendance: Tom Burns, Kevin Morrow, Debbie Weaver, Roger Keast, Mike Vest Jerry Mylet and Matt Williams

Excused: Helen Skau, Cathie Smits

Minutes: Prior meeting minutes approved.

PRESIDENT, Jerry Mylet

Lake fill- Request information from the City of Portland Water District for their pump history from our wells. The idea is that the pumping of the water from the wells are lowering the water table which reduced the water level in the lake. Legal representation may be needed to fight this. Legal fees run about $10,000 per 40 hours.

Jerry, Kevin and Matt go to Susan with the proposition of a fill May 15 and July 30.

The following steps are needed to resolve the issue:

Check evaporation at reservoir.
Establish a contract with two lake fills per year.
Start a defense fund for the lake fill.
$2,500 for each Metro and HOA is expected for a lake fill.
Rob Johnson is a good historian and on the water board.



Attended a Levee Board Meeting for a budget for 2022. They are looking into what the levee system needs. Looking for funding from the Federal Government. The levee tested okay but it’s not up to current standards. US Army Corp of Engineers.

The sewer system is going to have pipe liners installed in the city in July in 2019. No word on the Laterals to each house but the laterals from the main line to the lower pipe may be done. The line runs between the lake and houses on the Fairview Lake side.

Proposes the 2nd Monday each month through August. 2nd Tuesday through January.

SECRETARY, Matt Williams:

There are some positions open on the board this year and we can encourage participation using a mailer or note dropoff.

Lynn Godat is interested in Helen’s position for membership committee and to be on the board. Motion was made that we approach Lynn and ask her to join the board.

Membership position may be open.

Treasurer position is open as well.

Rhonda Redwine may be an option as a partner to Mike Vest to do the books/treasurer.

Welcome packet and new homeowner information packet to neighbors was addressed.

TREASURER, Roger Keast:

Roger presented the budget with an ending balance of $47,706. Insurance has cleared. Roger presented checks, auto pays and checks 1084-1086. A bit over in dues, under a bit on events. Cash in bank is good and we may need to add more into the road reserves. No major changes seen for next year.

Proposed a change to the bylaws giving the board the ability to lien the property if non-members do not pay for direct expenses. This will require members to vote on it at the annual meeting.

Roger sent a dues letter email out. Dues package will go out in the next 2 weeks.

Venue for annual meeting is proposed at Stomping Grounds. $200 cost to the lake house. We provide drip coffee and they have staff to provide fancy items as well. April 8th is the meeting.

RESOLVED: The budget was approved without comment. The board approved a proposed bylaws change to calculate the total expenses for general amenities divided by the number of houses served as a required expense of non-members. The board can then lien properties who choose not to participate in the HOA.

The motion passed.

Matt to check with attorney to verify process.


The shore line at the park needs rocks. The trees need to be done again.

RESOLVED: This was included in the budget.


ISSUE: Low lake level.

RESOLVED: Matt and Kevin to check with Jerry on a meeting to get a lake fill. Susan with Oxbow/Blue Lake says they are doing a study on the wall and they denied our ramp involvement.


No report


  • The automated well monitoring system has been checked and is now on Well #1. It seems to be working well. If the power goes out, there’s a written procedure to turn the valves on. There’s a phone tree established by the PUD.
  • The budget remained the same for now.
  • Meeting tomorrow for Fairview Lake.
  • There’s a person from the City of Fairview coming to their meetings.


Nothing reported.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m. Next meeting at Matt’s house, March 18th, 2019.