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Interlachen HOA – 2018 Board Meeting Minutes – October

Date, Time, and Location: October 15, 2018, 6:30 p.m. at Cathie Smits Home.

Meeting called to order by President Jerry Mylet at 6:39 p.m.

Attendance: Jerry Mylet, Tom Burns, Kevin Morrow, Debbie Weaver, Cathie Smits, Roger Keast, Mike Vest and Matt Williams

Excused: Helen Skau

Minutes: Prior meeting minutes approved.

PRESIDENT, Jerry Mylet

The issue of cars parking illegally or in an unsafe manner was addressed again. This was a follow up to the issue at the prior meeting and the decision was made that we will encourage those who are parked illegally but overall, there is very little space to park and it can be tricky to navigate the street for service vehicles. Safety for access for Fire, Police and Ambulance is our main concern.

RESOLVED: All disabled and/or unlicensed vehicles should be parked off the public right of way and public streets. A review of city/county ordinance in relation to how this is governed was suggested. The board decided to make note of what the exact issues were and to draft a letter to the neighbors who may be creating the issue. A letter would then be drafted to be sent/delivered to all neighbors who may be causing an unsafe or unsightly environment.


Jerry and Tom visited owners on the maintenance of their property and vehicles and Mike was tasked with writing an awareness letter to encourage safety and appropriateness for the community. Those letters were delivered to Jerry for distribution.

SECRETARY, Matt Williams:

Matt presented the meeting minutes and those were approved. He also addressed the low level of the lake and the concern that the East end on the North side is not functional and hasn’t been since the end of July. This is due to the decision by the City of Portland’s water bureau making the decision not to grant a lake fill. It was decided that Matt, Jerry and Kevin will work with Jennifer at Metro to schedule a meeting with the city and Metro to re-negotiate a process and direction moving forward. Jerry is to contact Jennifer to arrange the meeting.

TREASURER, Roger Keast:

Roger presented the budget with an ending balance of $53,773.24.

RESOLVED: The budget was approved without comment.


Tom reported on the striping and speed bumps and the board discussed different options of striping types. The project was stricken until we decide on road repairs for the street.
The road repairs were also discussed. The road was estimated to have a 10-15 years remaining on it with proper maintenance. Filling adds 5 years to the life of the road. The cost was estimated at $7,000 if we do it ourselves or $30,000 if we hire it out to professionals. It was also noted that the PUD may be redoing the water main soon which could tear up new road if we were to install it. The board discussed whether or not this street work creates a Local Improvement District (LID) by which, all neighbors may be required to split the cost.

RESOLVED: A price, process and timing should be gathered to be professionally done. Matt Williams agreed to get 3 bids and match the scope. The scope shall be Interlachen Lane from 216th to the cement at 207th. The time frame is open. Stanley and Sons was mentioned as a potential contractor.

Tom also mentioned that the easement gate to the lake on Interlachen is often blocked.

The neighbors adjacent to the easement had an arborist trim a portion of a tree to clear the view to the lake as opposed to the dead tree limbs which needed to removed and were originally approved by the board. They then requested from Tom that the board pay for the removal of those dead limbs IN ADDITION to half of the trimming of the healthy trees.

RESOLVED: The board voted to 50/50 on both projects. One for the tree trim that benefited ONLY the neighbors and one for the removal of the tree limbs which were needing to be removed to avoid future issues and benefited both parties. Tom was to prepare a letter to present to the neighbors.


ISSUE: Kevin brought to the board the topic of the water levels in the lake and lack of water fill in the 2018 summer season. As noted above, the off-season would be a good time to discuss this issue with the city. This was brought to the board.

There were also several homes which needed lily spray on the East end of the lake which Kevin completed.

RESOLVED: Jerry agreed to arrange a meeting with the City of Portland Metro to discuss resolution of the issue and approach in the off-season for a long-term agreement for future seasons. Matt Williams and Kevin Morrow agreed to work with Jerry Mylet on this long-term task.


New members and updates were given on outstanding neighbors. No new members.


  • Thursday is the next Annual Meeting so she will gather information and report to our board in November.
  • The PUD is cleaning up old pipes on a project right now.
  • She will ask about the leaks and street issues and report in November.


Nothing reported.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m. Next meeting at Mike’s house, November 26th, 2018.