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Interlachen HOA
September 17, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Date, Time, and Location: September 17, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. at Kevin Morrow’s house.

Meeting called to order by President Jerry Mylet at 6:42 p.m.

Attendance: Jerry Mylet, Tom Burns, Kevin Morrow, Debbie Weaver, Cathie Smits and Matt Williams

Excused: Roger Keast, Helen Skau, Mike Vest

Minutes: Prior meeting minutes approved.

PRESIDENT, Jerry Mylet

The issue of cars parking illegally or in an unsafe manner was addressed again. This was a follow up to the issue at the prior meeting.

RESOLVED: The decision was made by the board to initiate a friendly conversation and notices to the residents to maintain a safe environment by parking with cars facing the correct way (facing the direction of traffic) and off the roadway entirely.

All disabled and/or unlicensed vehicles should be parked off the public right of way and public streets. A review of city/county ordinance in relation to how this is governed was suggested. The board decided to make note of what the exact issues were and to draft a letter to the neighbors who may be creating the issue. A letter would then be drafted to be sent/delivered to all neighbors who may be causing an unsafe or unsightly environment.

VICE PRESIDENT, Mike Vest: Absent.

SECRETARY, This was Matt Williams’ first meeting: No report.

TREASURER, Roger Keast: Absent.

RESOLVED: Tom Burns issued several receipts for maintenance of the park and arborists for approval. This was proposed and approved by the board for acceptance and payment.


Tom addressed several issues with the need for an arborist to remove limbs adjacent to community common areas which needed to be trimmed and removed. All Around Arbor bid $525 and the neighbors at the adjacent property offered to split this expense with the HOA. That motion was brought to a vote and approved.
Tom brought up the condition of the boat ramp in the park which needs to be redone. The lower lake levels caused a larger problem with launch and pull out of boats. The board agreed that we should complete this in the off-season and coordinate with Metro. The cost of this is split with Metro so we would need to coordinate with them and their contractors which will increase expense.

RESOLVED: A price, process and timing should be gathered. This process was shelved for the next meeting.


ISSUE: Kevin brought to the board the topic of the water levels in the lake and lack of water fill in the 2018 summer season. This created a significant issue with several of the homes on the East end of the lake deeming the docks unusable due to the shallow nature on the North side of the East end.

RESOLVED: Kevin submitted a copy of the 4-page amendment entered into record with the City of Portland from August 10, 1983. The document was to be read and interpreted for further review and action by Matt Williams who agreed to address at the following meeting.

Jerry agreed to arrange a meeting with the City of Portland Metro to discuss resolution of the issue and approach in the off-season for a long-term agreement for future seasons. Matt Williams and Kevin Morrow agreed to work with Jerry Mylet on this long-term task. The board agreed that a fill in the 3rd week of July would be a good time to arrange it for future years.

ISSUE: The level at the East end of the lake was addressed again.

RESOLVED: A dredger was discussed to resolve the issue of low levels and weed control. Matt Williams volunteered to look into the cost and impact.


New members and updates were given on outstanding neighbors. We have one new member.


• Weeds were treated, partly effective
• New hydrant installed by PUD; bigger pipes were installed.
• The city of Fairview will be doing a smoke test the week of September 24th to check for sewer leaks. The scope they completed came up with no leaks but there is clearly a leak.


Nothing reported.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:52 p.m. Next meeting at Cathie’s house, October 16, 2018.