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Present: Jerry Mylet
Cathie Smits
Roger Keast
Laura Cohen
Bettiann Geotz
Tom Burns
Kevin Morrow
Debbie Weaver

Absent: Don Blain

Called to Order by President
01/15/2018 6:34 pm

President Jerry Mylet
Bettianne intends to step down from the Board so there will be one position to fill. Jerry noted that the Board needs to convene a Nominating Committee. Laura will ask Ernie Brawly, Mel Rieff, and Rob Johnson to consider serving on the Nominating Committee. All were in agreement that the election of the new officer be the 2nd item on the Annual Meeting agenda.

Vice President, Laura Cohen
11/20/17 IHOA Board meeting minutes were not available for approval. Laura will follow up with Don and send them out to the Board.

The upcoming Annual Meeting is scheduled for April 16, 2018.

Bylaws committee:
Roger offered to create a summary of the proposed amendments to the by-laws and will email them along with the bylaws document to the IHOA membership. If members are unable to view or print the documents, they may inform Roger that they would like a hard copy. Laura will present the recommended changes during the upcoming Annual Meeting with a motion to the membership for approval. The Board will have 30 hard copies available for membership at the Annual Meeting.

Treasurer, Roger Keast
Old Business: Roger presented the December budget. Ending balance for Dec 2017 was $41,559.24. Budget approved. Roger requested a motion to approve checks (#1042; #1043 and #1044) for reimbursement for a gift card for the Christmas party band leader, printing expenses for the social committee and parts for the park cameras. Motion was seconded and approved. Roger reported that revenue goals have been met and that the budget is in good shape. Less money was spent on parks than was allocated.

New Business: Roger noted we will have a surplus going into the next fiscal year. He will prepare and submit a proposed FY 2019 budget at the February Board meeting. There has been a request by the Social Committee to purchase new commercial grade sign boards to announce upcoming social events. Additional anticipated expenses for next year include planting trees in the park and shrubbery on the corner entrance to the neighborhood; some diseased trees need to be cut down; and some maintenance of the park shoreline.

FLPOA/PUD Commissioner, Debbie Weaver
No FLPOA update at this time.

Blue Lake Commissioner, Kevin Morrow
Kevin noted that Metro repaired the weir at the east end of the lake which will allow the lake to fill. Kevin presented his proposed changes to the Blue Lake Boating Rules. After some discussion and a few recommendations, Jerry moved to accept these as Board approved Blue Lake Boating Rules. Bettianne seconded the motion. Motion approved. The Board approved Blue Lake Boating Rules will be sent out to Blue Lake residents. If Blue Lake IHOA membership request an opportunity to discuss these changes, the IHOA Board will hold a meeting separate from the Annual Meeting for those residents who wish to discuss the issue.

Road and Parks Commissioner, Tom Burns
Tom reported that Pedro will begin work on the retaining wall near the park. The park cameras are up and working. Tom provided a brief overview of how the video data is collected and stored. Tom will purchase a hard drive for additional back-up. Due to some recent vandalism near the camera, Tom will install plexiglass around the controls to deter this type of activity in the future.

Bettianne noted that moles are digging up the corner entryway into the neighborhood. Plans to plant new foliage in that corner this spring were discussed.

Membership Commissioners, Bettianne Goetz/Cathie Smits
Roger completed revisions on the membership forms. Bettianne will update the Welcome Packet (membership dues letter, membership perks document and list of current IHOA Board members). Jerry offered to revise the Welcome Letter. Fees will remain the same – only the dates will change.

Roger suggested we send dues letter out to membership by the end of January so we have enough paid voting members for the April Annual Meeting. Roger will send an email to the Board seeking help in preparing the dues letters for mailing.

With Bettianne’s impending departure from the Board, Tom has noted he would like to be considered for the 2nd Membership Commissioner vacancy.

It was noted by several Board members that the Social Committee needs more involvement.

Adjourned 8:46 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Laura Cohen

Next meeting: February 12th @ 6:30 pm at Laura’s home.