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Jerry Mylet
Cathie Smits
Roger Keast
Don Blain
Bettianne Goetz
Tom Burns
Kevin Morrow
Debbie Weaver

Laura Cohen

Called to Order by Vice President
11/20/2017 6:30 pm

President Jerry Mylet
Contractor will start on the rock retaining wall by the first of December.

Vice President, Laura Cohen

Secretary, Don Blain
101617 Minutes were presented.
M/M M/S M/C to accept minutes as presented and edited.

Treasurer, Roger Keast

By-law committee:
M/M, M/S, M/C to accept the changes to the by-laws and present them to the membership with a recommendation to adopt them at the annual meeting.

94 currently paid members

M/M, M/S, M/C to approve the November Treasurer’s report and pay the bills as presented and corrected.

Trammel Crow communications were discussed.
M/M, M/S, M/C to approve the letter to Trammel Crow as presented to by Roger Keast.
Roger and Jerry and team are to be commended for their work in representing us on this project.

FLPOA/PUD Commissioner, Debbie Weaver

Blue Lake Commissioner, Kevin Morrow

Road and Parks Commissioner, Tom Burns
Security cameras are installed or being installed for well under budget.
Tree will be trimmed at the park this week for well under budget as well. The trees are being trimmed for safety and should be removed in the next year or two.

Membership Commissioner, Bettianne Goetz/Cathie Smits

Next meeting: January 15th at Bettianne’s Home.

Adjourned 112017 8:15 pm