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Interlachen Inc. Homeowner’s Association

Monthly Minutes
President Jerry Mylet
Vice President, Laura Cohen
Secretary, Don Blain
Treasurer, Roger Keast
FLPOE/PUD Commissioner, Debbie Weaver
Blue Lake Commissioner, Kevin Morrow
Road and Parks Commissioner, Tom Burns
Membership Commissioner, Bettiann Geotz
Membership commissioner, Cathie Smits
Social Committee Chair, Erica Teyema
Historian, Open

Present: Jerry Mylet, Cathie Smits, Laura Cohen, Roger Keast, Don Blain, Bettiann Geotz, Erica Teyema, and Debbie Weaver
Absent: Tom Burns and Kevin Morrow

Called to Order by President
09/18/2017 6:30 pm

President Jerry Mylet

Vice President, Laura Cohen
Laura called for a review of the by-laws and the committee is already in place but needs to meet soon. Laura will arrange the meetings to begin discussions of the by-law review. The goal is to have a review done by December.

Secretaries Report:
061917 Minutes were presented.
M/M M/S M/C to accept minutes as presented and edited.

Treasurer, Roger Keast
M/M, M/S, M/C to approve this report and to approve payment of the bills as presented for July 18-September 15th.

Tramell Crow building plan is on hold through the City of Gresham due to DEQ and traffic issues. Planning meetings are taking place regularly to continue to combat the development West of us.

FLPOA/PUD Commissioner, Debbie Weaver
Weed treatment happened twice. Green algae tests took weeks to get the results back and the results showed no toxicity. We need a new way to test for the blue algae. The county may be willing to assist us and may be able to speed it up for us.

Blue Lake Commissioner, Kevin Morrow

Road and Parks Commissioner, Tom Burns
I have renegotiated Pedro’s contract to maintain the entrance area at Blue Lake road at the Boards request. The new agreement of $330 a month reflects an additional hour @ $60.00. We figured he would only have to service it six times over the course of a year. So the payment would equate to $30.00 a month over a year period, and make it easier on our bookkeeper.

I would appreciate your discussion of the need to repair the failing retaining wall. If you agree that something needs to be done I will pursue getting bids. I have the names of some reliable contractors from Brian Moran, owner of Troutdale Sand and Gravel. I will then get back to you with the results of the bidding process before I contractually engage someone to perform the work. I also consider this an emergency road repair rather than a park project. Looking forward to your feedback.

M/M M/S S/C to have Tom fix the retaining wall with funds to come out of the Road Reserve.

M/M M/S S/C to asphalt the whole drive into the park with funds to come out of the Road Reserve.

Membership Commissioner, Bettiann Geotz/Cathie Smits
88 of 90 budgeted members paid.

Social Committee Chair, Erica Teyema

Next meeting: October 16 at Cathie’s House
21131 NE Interlachen Ln.

Adjourned 091817 8:15 pm