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Your attendance and financial help is needed now. This is our last chance to appeal Gresham’s decision regarding Trammell Crow’s (TC) industrial development.

Please attend the Gresham hearing review to appeal TC’s permit application. WE NEED YOU THERE!

Anyone can speak for 3 minutes or provide written testimony to the hearing officer.

HEARING DATE: Thursday, August 3rd at 9:30AM

Gresham City Chambers (in the Public Safety and Schools Building) 1333 NW Eastman Parkway

You can help us by writing a check to The Lakes Community, PO Box 1563, Fairview OR 97024. Or give it to Roger or Mel. Any question, please email or call:

Roger Keast – – (503) 735-5813

Mel Rieff – – (503) 421-9719

Please provide us with your email address so we can keep you informed.


Wow! We have come a long way since our first meetings with Trammell Crow. What a great neighborhood we live in!!

HERE’S WHAT WE’VE DONE: With the help of neighbors, attorneys, and experts, we have so far stopped Trammell Crow (TC) from building on the farmland. TC withdrew their application to the City of Fairview. Because of our questions, the Army Corps and Department of State Lands have not made a decision yet. Gresham approved TC’s application with conditions. Our neighborhood associations, Interlachen, Blue Heron Shores I and II, and Fairview Lake, along with numerous individuals and our attorneys have appealed Gresham’s Staff Decision. Now is our opportunity to go before the Gresham hearing officer. This is our last chance with Gresham.

There is still more to come: An appeal to the Land Use Board of Appeal and comments to the Department of Environmental Quality. TC has requested a Prospective Purchaser Agreement which would allow TC to avoid responsibility for pre-existing toxic chemicals on the farm. TC’s request to DEQ does not include a required cleanup plan even though there is indisputable evidence of both toxic materials use and oil leaks.

Think about how unsightly 485,000 square feet of buildings, parking lots and trucks will affect all of our property values.

Let’s STOP the likely:

  • air, noise, and water pollution from the diesel trucks
  • increase in traffic on Marine Drive and in our neighborhood
  • reduction in our property values by a minimum of 10 to 15%*
  • loss of our quiet, peaceful quality of life
  • degradation of wetlands and habitat

Respectfully submitted by: The Lakes Community

* The presence of a warehouse has a statistically significant negative effect on the value of residential properties as any sale in the neighborhood would be a comparable in valuing any future sale. Even at this point, before the development may be approved, a seller may be required to disclose TC’s application. So help protect your property values by contributing to our fight to stop the development.