Board Meeting – July, 2017

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Jerry Mylet
Laura Cohen
Roger Keast
Don Blain
Bettiann Geotz
Erica Teyema
Kevin Morrow
Debbie Weaver
Tom Burns
Cathie Smits

Called to Order by President
07/17/2017 6:30 pm

President Jerry Mylet
Further appeals hearings are being held on the Trammell Crow Development.

Vice President, Laura Cohen
Discussed the Tri-Athlons and how they are functioning for our neighborhoods.

Secretaries Report:
06/19/17 Minutes were presented.
M/M M/S M/C to accept minutes as presented and edited.

Treasurer, Roger Keast
We are scheduled to present and may have personal input on codes that are being questioned.
Roger will present at these hearings.
To date Budget was presented and reviewed.
All obligations have been paid to date
Several boat fees have been paid and are catching up with the budget.
We are about 20 people short of paying their dues. This leaves us about $3,000 short on our budget.
Discussion: usage of boats and ownership of boats that are registered. We will look at the by-laws to determine if changes need to be made.
Additional chairs have been purchased for the park.
M/M, M/S, M/C to approve this report and to approve payment of the bills as presented.

FLPOA/PUD Commissioner, Debbie Weaver
Potluck/BINGO White Elephant will be this Thursday
Weed control in Fairview Lake is in process, with some setbacks from needed boat repairs.

Blue Lake Commissioner, Kevin Morrow
Weed control is working very well, lilies are surviving but we are fighting them.

Road and Parks Commissioner, Tom Burns
M/M M/S S/C to have Tom hire Pedro to maintain the east Interlachen sign parcel

Membership Commissioner, Bettiann Geotz/Cathie Smits
78 attended the pancake breakfast
Lots of new folks paid their membership

Social Committee Chair, Erica Teyema

Next meeting: September 18 at Kevin’s House

Adjourned 082117 8:15 pm


Summer Potluck Picnic & White Elephant Bingo


Critical Meeting Regarding Trammell Crow Proposal

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  1. adelskaptn

    What was the substance of the discussion about the Triathlons?
    John Wohler

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