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Lauren Cohen,
Roger Keast,
Tom Burns,
Don Blain,
Bettiann Geotz,
Erica Teyema,
Kevin Morrow,
Cathie Smits,
Debbie Weaver
Absent: Jerry Mylet

Called to Order by VP Cohen
06/19/2017 6:30 pm

President Jerry Mylet

Vice President, Lauren Cohen

Secretaries Report:
There is a discrepancy at 1st Community Credit Union regarding who should be signatories on our checking account. M/M, M/S, M/C to name the following persons as signatories at 1st Community Credit Union:
President – Jerry Mylet
Vice President, Lauren Cohen
Treasurer, Roger Keast
Secretary, Don Blain

Treasurer, Roger Keast
To date Budget was presented and reviewed.
All obligations have been paid to date.
M/M, M/S, M/C to approve this report and to approve payment of the bills.
New Commercial Development West of us.
Reports are sent to the Interlachen Inc. Homeowner’s Assn.
Development has been approved with conditions dealing with traffic patterns, wetlands impacts, flood plane issues, natural habitat conservation area, we are making no headway in these areas.
Roger and “The Lakes Community” are addressing code issues.
They have raised $15,000 and have spent about half of it.
Preparing for the first appeal with planning review.
All future action will continue to be referred to Roger and Mel Rieff.

FLPOE/PUD Commissioner, Debbie Weaver
Working on weed control at Fairview Lake.
Preparing for the parade.

Blue Lake Commissioner, Kevin Morrow
Weed control sort of worked, Kevin is always looking for ways to better control weeds.
Initial weed allocation is spent – board to review if further action is warranted.
A few different treatments have been applied. BLIA is reviewing the results of the different treatments. The Lakes were in great condition around Memorial Day.
New boat stickers are here and Roger is keeping track of those who have paid
Powerboats have to be registered with the State Marine Board and insured. All power boat owners need to submit proof of registration and insurance to Kevin Morrow to obtain a 2017 Blue Lake Decal. Kevin will be reaching out to those that have not yet submitted these documents.
It was suggested by Tom Burns that Kevin consider at his discretion to hire someone stipend basis to patrol the lake in the Blue lake boat to check the boat stickers or other lake violations. Kevin said he would take under consideration, but he was able to patrol the lake as needed.
Water level is good and Kevin will leave it alone for now. High water helps with weeds.
The red lilies are invasive and have doubled since last year.
John Whistler (BLIA) takes care of the weed control and we can assist if we wish.

Road and Parks Commissioner, Tom Burns
Lots of incidental maintenance has been done.
Port-A-Potty is in place at the park.
New lights are installed.
Plumbing repairs and changes are done at the boat house.
Several plants have been planted.
Water fountain has been installed.
Clarifications were made as to how to represent certain expenses in the budget.
Announced an upcoming Troutdale historical society meeting.

Membership Commissioner, Bettiann Geotz

Membership commissioner, Cathie Smits
Cathie has been visiting new people on the block and tries to talk to everyone who is new.
She keeps track of new residents to assist with annual association business.
Annual Pancake Breakfast is ready to happen and everyone is invited.

Social Committee Chair, Erica Teyema

Webmaster, Joe Hartman

Next meeting: July 17

Adjourned 06/19/2017 a couple of hours after 6:30 pm