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Inerlachen Inc. HOA May Board Meeting
May 8, 2017

Board Members Present:
Kevin Morrow, Treasurer
Tom Burns, Parks and Roads
Bettianne Goetz, Membership and Historian
Cathie Smits, Membership
Debbie Weaver, FLPOA and IWPUD Liaison
Laura Cohen, Vice President

Not Present:
Jerry Mylet, President

Gary McCoy
Bob Torheim
Roger Keast

Meeting called to order at 6:37 pm

Approval of Annual Meeting Minutes
The minutes from the April 17, 2017 Interlachen Inc. HOA Annual Meeting were approved and will be posted on the Interlachen Inc. website.

Review of Current Board Vacancies
Discussion ensued around the required number of Board officers and commissioners. Per the Interlachen Inc. bylaws, the Board shall be comprised of four officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) and four commissioners. Officers and commissioners may hold more than one position simultaneously. With Steve Nelson’s recent passing and the end of Michelle Monson’s term as Secretary, the Board has two current vacancies.

Bob Torheim, Roger Keast and Gary McCoy of the 2017 Interlachen Inc. Nominating Committee presented their recruitment efforts to fill the current vacancies. Bob created a flyer announcing the opportunity to become Blue Lake Commissioner which he hand delivered to all Blue Lake residents. Roger sent an email to the membership noting the current vacancies. No interest was generated from either effort. The request for volunteers to fill the Board positions was again raised at the April 17, 2017 Annual Meeting. No one indicated interest in becoming a Board member. In preparation for this evening’s meeting, the Nominating Committee prepared and presented a list of paid Interlachen members who might be willing to commit to a Board position if prompted. Board members agreed to divide the list and reach out to people with whom they had a connection.

Debbie noted that perhaps people didn’t understand what being the Blue Lake Commissioner entailed. Bob provided an overview of the requisite duties as well as some additional responsibilities that could be assumed. It was noted that until a Commissioner was named, residents would not be able to put their boats on the lake. After identifying several potential Blue Lake boat owners who might be a good fit for the Commissioner position, Kevin agreed to assume responsibility as Interim Commissioner until a permanent one was identified.

Discussion around current Board positions and roles ensued. After some re-alignment, Roger volunteered to return to his previous role as Treasurer and Kevin agreed to assume the permanent role of Blue Lake Commissioner. A motion was made to appoint Roger as Treasurer and Kevin as Blue Lake Commissioner. Motion was seconded and approved.

The FY 2017-2018 Board still needs a secretary. Board members and Nominating Committee members will be asked to proceed with contacting previously identified paid members for the remaining vacancy.

Nominating Committee
It was noted that a new Nominating Committee was not selected at the April Annual Meeting and as such, the current Committee (minus Roger who, because of his new status as Treasurer is not able to serve on the Nominating Committee) will continue to serve. It was decided that before or during next month’s Board meeting, the President and/or the Board should appoint a 3rd member (as well as a back-up) to assume Roger’s now vacant position so that they can begin cultivating potential new Board members.


TREASURER, Kevin Morrow:

Kevin noted that the water level is high due to a non-functioning weir. Either Metro or the Drainage District is responsible for the repair. No further action required by the Board at this time.

Kevin reported that following a verbal request from Jon Wissler with BLIA, he wrote a check for $2000 to Jon for the purchase of a liquid herbicide to reduce the weed epidemic in the lake. Gary, who serves as the BLIA Treasurer, confirmed that Jon purchased the herbicide and will apply it to areas of the lake that are currently most impacted by weeds. The Board authorized the expenditure. Gary will ensure that Kevin receives written notification of the BLIA request and expenditure.

Kevin will order ~25 boat stickers. Tom and Roger offered to help Kevin with boat compliance.

Now that Roger will assume the Treasurer’s responsibilities he will go to the bank to have his name and signature (re) added to the account. Roger noted that all four Board Officers are authorized to sign checks.

MEMBERSHIP, Bettianne Goetz and Cathie Smits:

No discussions with new neighbors since last meeting. Tom offered to meet with Bettianne and Cathie to develop a letter encouraging non-members to become members.


Tom provided a receipt to Kevin for $80 to cover the reimbursement for Tom’s payment to Don Jones for filling in a pothole.

Tom shared an email he received regarding a campfire at the park that was not adequately put out. Fortunately, there was no damage but Tom indicated this serves as additional justification for installing cameras in the park. Tom noted the original estimate for the cameras was $1500. He will send Kevin an email with the specifics and will bring documentation of the current cost to next month’s meeting as he will be seeking payment up front.
Brief discussion about motion sensors at park gazebo not working. Tom will replace bulbs which are approximately $100 each.

Tom intends to hire the gardener to dig a French drain at the park.
Tom and the newly formed Adopt-a-Corner Committee are working on beautifying the neighborhood entrance at Interlachen and Blue Lake Rd. Tom will use funds from the Roads Budget as this is considered Road Beautification.


Debbie reported on current Lakeshore Park improvements which include adding native plants with the hope of creating a turtle habitat and erecting two new gazebos. While there will not be access to the lake from the park, the additions will enhance the view.


Roger reminded everyone that the Board and membership authorized Mel Rieff and Roger to speak on behalf of the board during any and all Trammel Crow proceedings.

Roger also noted that the Board should write a letter to the City of Gresham voicing opposition to the project. Roger volunteered to draft a letter that the Board President or Vice President will sign.


Encourage Bylaws Committee to set first meeting
Address Nominating Committee needs

To promote greater consistency, Board members agreed to hold future Board meetings on the 2nd Monday of the month.

***********NEXT MEETING JUNE 12TH 6:30 PM AT BETTIANNE’S HOUSE************

Meeting adjourned 8:10 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Laura Cohen

Tom approached Don Blaine about assuming the responsibilities of the Interlachen Inc. HOA Board Secretary. Don accepted. Tom generated an email May 9, 2017 to Board members seeking approval of Don Blaine as Secretary. Written responses from Board members as well as a verbal response from Jerry indicated all were in agreement with Don assuming role of Secretary. Laura will work with Don and the rest of the board to ensure that monthly meetings are scheduled on a day that works for everyone.