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July 11, 2016
at the home of Laura Cohen Seale

Board Members Present:
Jerry Mylet, President
Laura Cohen Seale, Vice President
Kevin Morrow, Treasurer
Debbie Weaver, IWPUD and FLPOA liaison and Social Committee Rep
Tom Burns, Parks and Roads Commissioner
Steve Nelson, Blue Lake Commissioner
Michelle Monson, Secretary
Bettianne Goetz, Co-Chair Membership Committee
Cathie Smits, Co-Chair Membership Committee

Also Present:
Margie Rieff, Interlachen Resident
Justin Patterson, Metro Parks
Steve Janiszewski, Parks and Visitor Services Manager

1. Meeting Called to Order and agenda reviewed: 6:35 pm

2. Reading and Approval of the Minutes:
The board meeting notes for June, 2016, were approved by the board and have been posted on the Interlachen, Inc. website.

A meeting is scheduled for the newly formed Blue Lake Advisory Board and Metro Parks representatives at the end of July (on July 26th, 27th, or 28th tba) at the Lake House to discuss five issues concerning Blue Lake residents:

  1. Lake water levels and fills.
  2. Weed control.
  3. Solar bees.
  4. Swim beach staying open.
  5. Interlachen gate closed at night.

Metro staff will prepare information to be presented at that meeting. Justin will present historical data.
Michelle agreed to invite Metro representatives to attend our annual meeting in April of 2017.


  • PRESIDENT, Jerry Mylet:
    Jerry shared residents’ concerns about road closures on Fairview Lake Way, 223rd, Marine Drive, and Interlachen Lane during sporting events. Justin Patterson and Steve Janiszewski from Metro Parks responded that they will look into it. Jerry spoke with D. Master at the City of Fairview who said he will make the arrangements to ensure we have entry and exit routes.
  • VICE PRESIDENT, Laura Cohen Seale:
    Laura obtained three gift certificates for $50 each and greeting cards to express our gratitude to previous board members who served us well.
    Certificates will go to Bob Torheim, past President; Gary McCoy, Vice President; and Roger Keast, Treasurer. Thanks to Laura for handling that task.
  • SECRETARY, Michelle Monson:
    No new businness.
  • TREASURER, Kevin Morrow:
    The current ending balance is $44,412.41. The checking account total is $16,276.20. Checks numbered 1015, 1016, and 1017 were approved (covering meeting and social events expenses and boat stickers). Also, an autopay for PGE and a billpay for landscaping expenses were approved.
    Kevin requires an invoice from Pedro, the landscaper for Welsh Park. Tom agreed to speak with Pedro. Currently, we have 90 paid members, 8 associate members, 2 honorary members. 24 boats are registered for Blue Lake use.
    Debbie shared that Fairview Lake received a weed abatement treatment in June which appears to have been effective. PUD and FLPOA continue to meet to develop a plan to improve the boat launch road. Asphalt is being considered to replace the current gravel paving. They are also considering trimming the boat house down to widen the pathway.
    PUD spoke about obtaining fireproof storage for their documents, and Interlachen, Inc. also has many documents. PUD is interested in sharing the cost for fireproof cabinets. Bettianne suggested that Jerry contact Bev Knight as a potential historian/organizer of documentation.
    Steve reiterated that Blue Lake’s water levels are determined by Columbia River levels. Steve suggested that the lake water fills be on an as-needed basis, since weather conditions affecting water levels are highly variable.
    When Blue Lake water levels are low, Steve, the City of Portland, and Metro Parks will orchestrate the water fills.
    At this time, Steve said the Blue Lake water levels are in the normal range. We still need to determine a specific water level to initiate a water fill.
    Steve reported that the weeds are disappearing as part of their life cycle. The non-native species of red water lilies are a huge problem on Blue Lake. Steve will talk to DEQ regarding plans for their erradication. Kevin will get a quote from weed treatment companies for possible use next year.
    Steve spoke with Tony, who rents water vehicles to park users. She will put up the red flag when water activities become unsafe. Good to see you at the meeting, Steve.
    Tom suggested, and the board agreed, to install a plaque in Welsh Park
    to honor Al Goetz and Carl Marking who where so instrumental in
    every aspect of building our community. Laura will obtain information from companies who specialize in making plaques.
    Tom stated that multiple roommates at 21230 are encroaching on the park property with cars. It was suggested that we need a “No Tresspassing” sign. The board approved two license plate capture cameras to be installed covering the road and two additional cameras will be installed on the IPUD pump house covering the entrances and the park. Our thanks to Tom for his offer of free installation. We agreed that “Camera Surveillance” signs be placed at both ends of Interlachen Lane to deter crimes. Laura will obtain quotes for the signage.
    Tom is unable to organize the sprinkler installation at Welsh Park at this time.
    Tom organized street lighting installation with PGE on the east end of Interlachen Lane. He reported he intends to put up 9 lights on existing utility poles.
    Tom learned that Interlachen, Inc. is responsible for street maintenance and lighting on Lachenview. Only a few residents on Lachenview currently pay membership dues.
    Tom will speak with Pedro about removing the fallen plum tree branch in front of a home at the far east end of Blue Lake. We are responsible for that strip edging the property.


  • MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE, Bettianne Goetz and Cathie Smits:
    Membership increased from 84 last month to 90 paid members. Great job, membership committee. There are more potential new members to be greeted, and they will be provided with forms to join Interlachen, Inc.
  • SOCIAL COMMITTEE, Debbie Weaver and Margie Rieff:
    The Pancake Breakfast on June 18th was a big success, feeding 101 people. Thanks to Gail Schultz for making her very special pancakes. Also big thanks to Kevin Morrow and Ed Flanagan for picking up and returning the griddles and fuel.
    The social committee members are due our gratitude for all that they do!
    Street sales/garage sales will take place on Interlachen on Saturday, August 6th, from 9 am to 3 pm, with a Friday night sale (August 5th) for residents only from 5 pm to 7 pm. Please contact Bettianne Goetz or Mary Jo Foley if you want to sell from your home. They will mark you location with a balloon.
    On July 21st in Welsh Park at 6 pm, the Social Committee is hosting a White Elephant/Bingo event. All members are welcome to attend. This is a potluck. Bring you own chairs, utensils, and trash removal bags. Don’t forget your white elephant gift.


The next Board Meeting will be held on:

Monday, September 12, 2016

at 6:30 PM

at the home of BETTIANNE GOETZ