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Since Metro is forming a 25 Year Blue Lake Plan, it would be helpful if residents on Blue Lake would get together to discuss their wishes with respect to Blue Lake. Some of our concerns are regarding the continued health of the lake. We have attached Bob Torheim’s (past IHOA president’s) recent email to concerned parties. We are planning to have a Blue Lake residents’ meeting on June 30th at the Rieffs’ house (20101 NE Interlachen) at 7PM. This meeting will include any Blue Lake residents who are interested. We would like to have this meeting prior to meeting with Metro representatives. Please come and join us. Some people don’t have emails so it would be appreciated if you would let them know about the meeting so they could join us as well.

Thanking you all in advance,

Jerry Mylet, President of Interlachen Home Owners’ Association

Margie Rieff

From Bob Torheim’s email:

After today’s meeting at Blue Lake Park with Alex Perove from Metro and various neighbors, it would appear a meeting would be helpful to gain a better understanding of how the closing of the swim beach could affect Metro’s commitment to lake quality. Also with our long history of working with Dan Kromer ending, we would enjoy meeting his replacement and start a working relationship.

It appears the next step is to schedule a meeting. Participants would be you from Metro, the new Dan Kromer, Interlachen HOA Board, and BLIA.

The Interlachen board meets once a month but could arrange a special meeting to insure maximum participation.