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There have been several thefts and break-in attempts around the Interlachen neighborhood in recent weeks. Aluminum canoes have been stolen, garages rifled for power tools, and home computers have been targeted. Most disturbing is that some are now in the daytime, including one recent attempt while the resident was at home! The “suspect” couple, male and female, were dressed in black and riding motorcycles. They were apprehended by the police shortly after fleeing the attempted break-in.

Please be watchful for any suspicious people in the neighborhood. Take pictures of suspicious vehicles parked where they shouldn’t be, including the license plate. If there is anything that looks serious, call 9-1-1 immediately. We are working with the police to keep the neighborhood safe, and they are being very supportive and responsive.

From Sheriff’s Deputy Bearson: Ways to Avoid being a Victim

Never store valuables in your vehicle. Car prowlers will look into a vehicle before deciding to break a window, often times just to look into a bag. So preferably leave the vehicle empty and locked.

Leave porch lights on and vehicles parked in the driveway opposed to the street.

Keep hedges and bushes trimmed to allow an open view outside.

If you’re going out of town don’t let newspapers pile up in the driveway. (it’s a dead giveaway that you’re gone.) Also inform your neighbors that you’re leaving and what vehicles/people should or should not be at your home. Call the Sheriff’s office and request extra patrol of your home while you are gone.

Sliding windows and doors should be secured with a stick or closet dowel.

Keep a master list of model numbers / serial numbers for all your valuables. Without a serial number stolen items cannot be entered into the local or national data base, hence limiting most chances of recovering the items.

Interlachen HOA