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Please join us for a special meeting called by the Interlachen Board. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 28 at 7pm at the Blue Lake House. As discussed at the annual meeting, this special meeting was put on the agenda in order for the Blue Lake homeowners to discuss items specific to only the Blue Lake Residents – updates and possible changes to our boat rules and the Blue Lake Homeowners Fee.

During the boating season of 2014, there were several suggestions, questions, complaints, as well as requests regarding the boat rules and the conduct of boat operators on Blue Lake. A committee, consisting of the Blue Lake Commissioner and Interlachen Board Members, met and reviewed our current boat rules. There was a consensus that our boat rules had some areas of redundancy. Other areas of the boat rules need to be updated to current standards. The committee also considered requests made the previous year. Included in your packet of information is a copy of the suggested changes to the boat rules, along with an explanation of why we are considering the change. We realize that some of these changes will have some opposition. There will be time allotted for each side to evenly present their views. After timed discussion, each change will be voted upon individually.

At the 2015 annual meeting, there was a motion from the floor requesting each home on the Blue Lake to pay a $50 fee (similar to the Fairview Lake homeowners fee). Monies collected would cover costs to pay for Blue Lake related expenses, water fills, and weed treatments. Fairview Lake members were asked to abstain. The motion was passed. This was to be an agenda item of this special meeting. Time will be allotted on the agenda if there is any further discussion requested.

A quorum of 51% of the membership of the Blue Lake Homeowners in good standing will be required to take any action. A proxy is included if you are not able to attend.

Our desire is to approach this topic in a neighborly fashion, even though we’ll bring different viewpoints, interests and concerns to the meeting. So let’s come together to work on finding middle ground—in an amicable way.