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APRIL 13, 2015
Lake House/Blue Lake Park

Board Members Present:
Allen Johnson, President
Don Jacobson, Vice President
Steve Nelson, Blue Lake Commissioner
Tom Burns, Roads and Parks Commissioner
Roger Keast, Treasurer
Michelle Monson, Secretary
Erika Teyema, Social Committee
Debbie Weaver, Social Committee
Ted Smits, Membership Commissioner
Bob Torheim, FLPOA/IWPUD Liaison Commissioner

Committee Members Present:
Nominations: Mel Rieff, Jon Wissler, Betty Keast
Audit: Ernie Brawley, Mel Rieff

Meeting Called to Order: 7:03 pm

Reading and Approval of the Minutes:
Allen will post the approved minutes for March, 2015, on the Interlachen, Inc. website.

    PRESIDENT, Allen Johnson:

    1. Accomplishments in 2014/15:
      A flower watering system was installed at the park. Use of the park increased for social events in addition to the familiar potlucks and pancake breakfasts. Interlachen Lane was paved and top coated. Committees were established to increase collaboration with Metro, the City of Portland, and DEQ for Blue Lake water fills. Appearance letters were sent to offending home owners and renters to maintain the beauty of our neighborhood.
    2. Shirley Craddick, Metro Councillor, graciously attended the meeting.
      Justin Patterson, Metro Parks and Property Director presented Metro’s current projects and plans for Blue Lake Park: Property restoration was completed at 223rd and Blue Lake following the state’s required cemetary removal guidelines. The plantings were made with the goal of returning the property to a more natural area. The Blue Lake entry is being renovated to include three booths in order to avoid traffic jams during the busy summer.
      There are planned storm water improvements, new stone entry walls, and new gates which should improve security. The four main restrooms will be replaced. Native plantings will reduce irrigation needs. There will be increased wheelchair accessibility in the park.
      In June of 2015, the first of four meetings with public input will be held to design a master plan and a timeline for long-term use of Blue Lake Park.
      Some topics will be: what do do with the old concession building, how to maintain the health of the lake water, swim lake issues, and frisbee golf parking impacts. The final meeting will be held in March of 2016.
      Justin offered copies of Parks Magazine to those interested. Our thanks to Metro for their work on lake fills and their involvement in Interlachen, Inc.
    3. Joel Schoening, Flood Control Levee Safety:
      Levee Improvement Project Update: The last flood was in 1948.
      In 2012, following Hurricane Katrina, new standards for levee safety were enacted by the federal government. We will not meet these new standards. Our area as well as adjoining areas will lose certification in 2017. This can lead to loss of flood insurance for homeowners. Mulnomah Drainage District went to Metro and City of Portland and Port of Portland and requested them to be part of Oregon Solutions, an agency headed by the governor. Some areas of concern were discussed. Many agencies and the cities are working to address flooding (MCCD and Troutdale, Fairview and Gresham, FEMA, Audobon Society, to name a few). In the next year we will see drilling rigs in the levees taking out soil for analysis of the risk of seepage and to determine needed repairs,
      the level of protection required, and the cost of repairs. Also to be determined are potential new river access points and boat ramps. Completion of the project is with the goal of obtaining FEMA certification in approximately 18 months from now. Then, we can ask for FEMA certification. Joel offered a email sign up sheet to receive monthly newsletters. He left business cards, and members can go their website at
      Joel pointed out that Oregon Solution’s meetings are open to the public, and we all pay to Multnomah County Drainage District, and their monthly meetings are open to the public.
    4. Tera Cleland, East Metro Mediation (EMM): EMM offers free
      conflict resolution with an arbitrator. For example, if two neighbors have a dispute, EMM can help you resolve it within two hours and within two weeks of a request for a meeting. Tera reported that 77% of the conflicts reach resolution. EMM offers many services with free community training (the next one is May 19th at the Troutdale Police Dept.). They deal with parent-teen conflicts, business disputes, and customized trainings. Tera provided brochures with more information.
    5. Captain Monte Reiser, Crime Prevention; Multnomah County Crime Prevention:
      Capt. Rieser is the Patrol Unit supervisor. He is notified via email exchanges of crime on Interlachen. There are 26 deputies serving 4 districts and 6 sargeants. Their mission is to provide exemplary service. They are responsible for both sides Interlachen Lane and a bit of the west side. They did research on our area (which does not include the south side of Fairview Lake) and noted a significant increase in premise check requests (2013: 7; 2014: 32) and an increase in thefts. Capt. Rieiser saw the need to develop a response plan. He directed his deputies to patrol more in our area, and he had some suggestions for community involvement, as follows: create a response group, such as Neighborhood Watch, citizen patrols, crime logs shared with the community, and “window watchers” to report suspicious activity. He suggested some enhanced efforts to deter criminals (less bushes to increase detection). A core group could meet with the deputy assigned as our liaison.
      It was shared that citizens can request vacation home checks by going to the Mulnomah County Sheriff’s website or calling their office. Deputies will patrol your home while you’re away.
  2. TREASURER, Roger Keast: Roger reported that use of funds was fairly stable last year overall. Funds available in the road reserve were fully utilized. An additional $5,000 will be available in next year’s budget. The Blue Lake reserve balance was $7,215 as of the end of February, 2015. The year ending balance was $13,543. The Treasurer’s Report was approved by the members following a motion.
  3. MEMBERSHIP, Ted Smits:
    We project to have 90 paying members again with five associate members.
    We welcome new neighbors and members: Dennis and Roxanne Redwine, Lee and Danielle Blackwell, Lorrie Borigo and Reggie Snyder, Marty and Mary Lindstrand, Aric and Renee Outlaw, Rick and Jan Van Marter-Sanders, and Grant and Mary Murrell.
    Tom reiterated that the $50 increase in dues this year was created for roads and parks expenditures. He shared that over the years projects have depended upon volunteer efforts. Improvements have included demolition and removal of a house, installation of a basketball court and playground equipment, the addition of park benches, the storage shed, a library, and a decorative water fountain. Public use has increased, and Tom reminded
    members to kindly request they pay membership dues for park maintenance or ask Tom to talk with them. Tom proposed adding a sprinkler system as he has been wielding a 100 foot hose around the property in the summer. He has obtained bids for installation of a sprinkler system which amounted to around $10,000; however, it can be done for around $4,000 by volunteers.
    There is currently $2,500 in the budget for the project with need to borrow
    $2,000 to $2,500 from roads funds to complete the project, or we could use the general fund surplus. Many members were unaware that Tom has been watering himself for four years. A motion was passed to allocate moneys from the general fund for installation of a sprinkler system.
    PUD: Mel Rieff updated us on the water system and noted that we have a great board. Terry Schultz is still very involved, Tom Caulfied does a great job, Mr. Davies collects the payments, and Yuval will be the hands-on man.
    The water is tested monthly for bacteria, and we consistently pass the tests. Our rates are kept low. Our water tastes good. Mel plans to hold board meetings in the park this summer to encourage participation.
    FLPOA: Bob Dolphin, President, was unable to attend the meeting. Charles Flaum of FLPOA shared that Fairview Lake started the filling process on this day, which is earlier than typical. The hope is that weed growth can be cut down due to less light reaching the lake floor. FLPOA needs volunteers for Earth Day (April 18th) clean up. Come in your canoe or kayak and help. It was shared that Jim Graybill has been Fairview Lake manager for over 20 years, and he is ready to retire. He will be replaced by Anthony DeSimone. Charles informed us of an agreement being made between the City of Fairview and homeowners on the south side of Fairview Lake on reparian zone requirements. Conflicting codes were problematic. FLPOA formed a committee to attend City of Fairview meetings and their recommendations will be posted on their website soon.
    Steve stated that there are currently 19 registered boat owners.
    Bollards will be locked on May st.
    In order to launch, boat owners must pay the $75 fee to obtain the 2016 sticker. They need a sunfish logo if it’s a new boat, a copy of their boat registration, proof of insurance, and a boat operators card. A test can be taken on-line through the OR State Marine Board. All OR State Marine Board rules must be followed. The boat rules are currently in revision. See Blue Lake Boating Rules under “New Business” below for more information. To obtain a sticker, call or email Steve, with a phone call the best way to reach Steve. If you’ve been on another lake, an invasive species inspection is required. Again, call Steve.

BLIA: Ernie. No new money has been collected. $1,000 for weed control was obtained from Interlachen, Inc. No large projects are planned. It was noted that Jeff Townsend sends out emails on Blue Lake issues.


  1. SOCIAL COMMITTEE, Erika Teyema:
    Erika shared photos from social events from the last year. Events proposed for next year include an Easter Egg Hunt, Pancake Breakfast, Kid’s Fourth of July Parade, International Potluck, Potluck with a band, Christmas activities; and under consideration: a relay race on Fairview Lake, a tour of homes, a campfire/movie night, a plant exchange, and/or a field trip to a Winterhawks game? More member participation in the planning and execution of events is needed. New members were encouraged to sign up for the monthly Second Friday Frolics.
  2. NOMINATIONS, Mel Rieff and Jon Wissler:
    Jon Wissler and Betty Keast did a great job with nominations.
    Thanks to Gary McCoy and Debbie Weaver who volunteered to be on the board this year.
    Returning board members Tom Burns, Steve Nelson, and Michelle Monson were also nominated.
    The Board is losing Don Jacobson and Allen Johnson. There were no further nominations from the floor. A motion was approved to accept all nominees.
    Our thanks to Mel Rieff and Jon for joining the nominating committee for next year. Al Goetz also volunteered with Eric Teyema as an alternate. A motion was approved for all committee members.
  3. AUDIT COMMITTEE, Mel and Ernie:
    The receipts and balances were confirmed, and all is in order, thanks to Roger’s expertise.


  1. TEC: ALLEN:
    The three binders on the table represent half of the documentation thus far. Mel has been tremendous help because conference calls are legalistic and he understands the language. Allen and Mel continue to participate in conference calls. Now, the focus for Interlachen, Inc. is on upcoming press releases announcing concerns about pollution, plant safety, and the tremendous use of water to run the plant. They have been working with the Friends of Columbia Gorge, and it is an uphill battle. The Pilots Association as well has submitted powerful opposition. Oregonians need to be aware that the plant is of benefit to a NY group to provide power to other states. Troutdale will sell them waste water. The Oregon Department of Energy has submitted a rule to certify the facility. All opposing parties’ submissions have been objected to an attempt to shut down any opposition to the project. We are told we must show that we will be harmed by the project, yet we are being blocked from showing evidence. Currently, we are awaiting the hearing officer’s response.
  2. LAKE FILL COMMITTEE: Allen Johnson:
    A huge debt of gratitude is owed to Richard Warner for his hard work on this committee. We have resecured the City’s agreement with Multnomah County (now Metro) on lake fills. It was discovered that the average cost to Blue Lake residents would be between $2,600 and $4,000. The factors influencing the rates are: the time of year, electrical rates for running pumps, and whether City of Portland has a demand on drinking water. July perhaps is a good time to make a request; however, Metro has to make the request and then the cost is split with Interlachen, Inc. Blue Lake reserve will cover the fees. Karen Williams of DEQ provided technical guidance. Lake fills could benefit the lake by: lowering PH levels and the water temperatures and diluting the organic materials that contribute to algae blooms. She suggested use of deeper well water sources that generally have less nitrate and phosphorous (vital algae bloom nutrients). Ms. Williams would take part in studies of the short and long term impact of lake fills.


  1. BUDGET for 2015/16, Roger Keast:
    The Treasurer presented a proposed operating budget of $23,070 revenues–$18,900 expenses and $4,160 surplus. The Road Reserve would receive $5,000 from the general revenues, and the Blue Lake Reserve would receive an estimated $1,500 from boat registrations. Changes based on the previous motion under Park Improvements raised the total operating expense budget to $22,900, leaving a projected surplus of $160. A motion was accepted and approved to accept budget with changes outlined.
    Roger typed up the new directory and reminded members that the list is for non-commerical use. All neighbors are listed, not just Interlachen, Inc. members. Thanks much for the huge task of compiling the list, Roger.
    Don shared that a meeting is scheduled for April 28th at the Lake House at 7 pm to discuss changes to boat rules and fees. A week before the meeting, a draft proposal will be emailed out, based on the principle that we are all neighbors and can come to a consensus.

A motion was made and seconded from the floor for a $50 assessment per Blue Lake household next year with a reduction in boat fees to $25 per boat. Allen encouraged delaying a vote until a thorough discussion with more Blue Lake residents could be held via the committee meeting on the 28th. The motion was passed 21-4. The $50 assessment would be levied beginning with the 2016-17 fiscal year for properties fronting Blue Lake and would go into the Blue Lake Reserve to be used for water fills, weed control, and other Blue Lake Projects approved by the board.