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The Interlachen Board has three issues we wish to bring to the association’s attention:

1. The section of Interlachen Lane from 20705 East to Lachenview will be closed Saturday, September 20th, to add a protective coating to the road. The West end (where there are curbs) will not be coated, as that is maintained by Multnomah County. If you live in the effected area, please review your transportation needs for Saturday and make sure you can leave or return to the neighborhood between the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM. Sorry for the inconvenience, but the work is necessary to preserve the section of road that Interlachen Inc maintains.

2. The algae bloom is back. The warm weather has resulted in algae blooms across the metro area. Please use the lake at your own risk. The swimming area at Blue Lake Park has been closed by Metro as a precaution and an advisory has been issued for the Willamette river in response to the presence of blue/green algae. Unfortunately we will not know if it is toxic in nature until more testing is done. Restricted use of the lake is advised.

3. Crime is on the increase along Interlachen Lane. Please be aware of suspicious activities in the neighborhood. There have been a number of burglaries when people are away from their homes; stolen bicycles, trailers, a car, gardening equipment, and fuel from vehicles. Please lock up and keep your eyes open for suspicious activities.

Allen Johnson
President, Interlachen Inc.