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Over the weekend the “We are all Reynolds” banner posted at the entrance to Blue Lake was vandalized.  We had placed the banner there after the shooting at the high school as a show of support, and had intended to donate it to their soccer team at the start of school. While we deal with vandalism nearly every day at our properties, this was especially sad.  I have attached a photo of the damage to give you an idea of what we found.  The part cut out was the Reynolds pirate head.  Normally I wouldn’t pass reports of vandalism along to your group but I thought you’d want to know about this one.  If any of your residents saw anything unusual over the weekend near the banner or come across any information please let us know.  We have filed a police report on the incident but as you can imagine catching someone will be pretty tough.  Thanks.
Justin Patterson, CPRP
Parks and Property Stewardship Program Director
Parks and Environmental Services
Damaged Reynolds banner at Blue Lake

Damaged Reynolds banner at Blue Lake