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On the 4th of July, there was the expected concentration of boats on Blue Lake. Several were towing inner tubes. In one incident, there was reported a near collision between a paddle boat and a boat towing an inner tube. One person went into the water as a result. The person was checked out a local medical facility and was okay. The Sheriff’s department investigated and no citation was issued. There were many emails flying around and requests for action. The Interlachen Board does not have jurisdiction over incidents like this. The proper course of action is to notify the lake commissioner, who will investigate or request the assistance of law enforcement. The lake commissioner is Steve Nelson, 503 329 4457. Steve was immediately in contact with the Sheriff’s department, the involved parties, and Blue Lake Park management. The proper steps were taken. At the last board meeting, the board discussed how we can better manage events like this. Two committees have been formed. Steve Nelson has one committee to review Blue Lake management; water levels, weed control, and cooperation with BLIA and Metro on lake issues. Steve has already talked to the manager of the paddle boat concession and requested that they be more proactive on putting up the red flag when the number of watercraft on the lake reaches saturation. To be clear, the paddle boat involved was not a rental, but belonged to another homeowner on the lake. Still, many expressed a concern that the number of paddle boats and motorized water craft on the lake on the 4th created other close call situations; better to err on the side of caution. The other committee, to be chaired by Don Jacobson 503 869 0482, will review the boat rules. No one seems to be happy with the boat rules, but we never reach consensus at the annual meeting on necessary changes or a method of enforcement of those rules. If you would like to participate on either committee, please contact Steve or Don. As always, we are seeking to have a fun, well-maintained, and safe community.

Allen Johnson
President, Interlachen Inc.