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The annual meeting April 14th was certainly an interesting one. Presentations by Metro’s Shirley Craddick and Justin Patterson were informative and well received. The Troutdale Energy Center Representatives were a no show. I hope I was able to provide the answers you needed. They may not have been what you would have liked to have heard, but it is the situation at present and we will continue to keep you informed. We appreciated the information from FLPOA’s Bob Dolphin and IWPUD’s Terry Schulz. The boat rule changes did not go as we had envisioned. We should have had printed copies for review. Unfortunately, the parties proposing the changes were not present at the meeting, and the parties that were objecting should have been part of the committee that was re-writing the rules. Lesson learned. The social committee shared their plans for the coming year. The budget for 2014/15 and a dues increase for 2015/16 were approved. We hope this will be the last dues increase necessary for many years to come. The nominations produced one volunteer from the floor, Steve Nelson, to go with the slate of nominees. After the meeting, a new resident Don Jacobson approached me and volunteered to be on the board. Earlier, Lance West had requested to step down. Since Don was not voted on at the meeting, Roger did a mass email requesting confirmation of Don as a board member. As of April 23rd, a majority of members have approved Don’s appointment. The new board did meet and the following positions were filled:
President – Allen Johnson
Vice President – Don Jacobson
Secretary – Michelle Monson
Treasurer – Roger Keast
FLPOA/IWPUD Liaison – Bob Torheim
Blue Lake Commissioner – Steve Nelson
Road and Parks Commissioner – Tom Burns
Membership Commissioner – Ted Smits

The social committee is co-chaired by Debbie Weaver and Erika Teyema

This year we will have a greater focus on Blue Lake issues. The way the meeting ended showed me that I was relying too much on BLIA to handle Blue Lake issues. BLIA was formed to handle special issues, but the day-to-day management of the lake needs to be managed by Interlachen Inc. Again, lesson learned. I intend to form a committee to review processes and procedures for lake fills, weed abatement, and lake monitoring. I intend to ask some of the more vocal members to participate on that committee.

The minutes of the Annual Meeting will be posted on the website as soon as they are available.

I’m looking forward to another great year in this wonderful neighborhood and hope you are as well.

Allen Johnson