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Board Meeting – January 2014 REVISED MINUTES
Interlachen Inc. Homeowner’s Association – Board Meeting
Monday, January 6, 2014
Keast Residence

Board Members Present:

Allen Johnson – President
Gary McCoy – Vice President
Lance West – Secretary
Roger Keast – Treasurer
Bob Torheim – FLPOA/IWPUD Liaison Commissioner
Bettianne Goetz – Membership Commissioner

Meeting Called to Order: 7:08 P.M.

Moved and seconded to approve December, 2013 minutes

Reports of Officers and Commissioners:

PRESIDENT – Allen Johnson
No Report.

No Report.

SECRETARY – Lance West
No Report.

TREASURER – Roger Keast
Roger prepared and provided the current reconciliation. Funds available:

General Purpose Fund$ 7,041.79
Blue Lake Reserve$ 7,160.11
Road Reserve$ 5,200.00
Total Cash$19,401.90

Approved checks # 1271 – 1272.

FIPOA/IWPUD – Liaison Commissioner – Bob Torheim
Bob attended the recent FLPOA meeting. They discussed the ongoing problem of silt build up in Fairview lake caused by the tributaries that empty into the lake. The members will be looking into grants for dredging. FLPOA has decided to eliminate the possibility of having another boat ramp. There will be discussions on improving the existing boat ramp on the PUD property. FLPOA is currently cutting back to holding meetings every other month. PUD continues to test the water regularly.

Not present – Excused – No Report.

Tom will be replacing the lights in the park.

Bettianne met with the new family that has recently moved in to 20545 NE Interlachen, Don and Brenda Jacobson. The Jacobson’s plan on becoming new members.

Reports from Committees:

SOCIAL COMMITTEE – Erika Teyema & Michelle Monson
Erika and Michelle were not present. The next event will be the Easter Egg Hunt.

Old Business:

The no dumping sign has been purchased. Tom Burns will be installing the sign on the existing no parking sign.

New Business:

Allen will need the signed petitions for opposing construction of the Troutdale Energy Center by Saturday, January 11th. Allen, with the help of others, has sent a letter to the State Siting Counsel requesting class status. The letter is to ensure that our concerns are on record and being addressed. One of the concerns is the need for lake fills due to the draining of aquifers. The next hearing will be a teleconference on January 21st. Allen has agreed to be our representative at the meeting.

Vice President Gary McCoy has stated that he would like to step down as Vice President, but he would be willing to keep the position if necessary. Ted Smits has also noted that he will be stepping down as Lake Commissioner. Ted is also willing to stay on the board in another position if needed. Lance West will also be stepping down from the Secretary position. He is interested in retaining a position on the board in the future if needed. The Board will be looking to fill these positions. Bob Torheim would like to take a 2 year break. If the position cannot be filled, he will continue to hold the position. Bettianne will also be taking a break after many years on the board. Michelle has stated that she would like to step down from the Social Committee, but has shown interest in taking over the Secretary position.

Betty Keast will be reserving the Lake House for the annual meeting on April 14th.



Next Meeting:

Monday, February 3, 2014 7:00 PM at the Torheim Residence.

Meeting adjourned 8:38 P.M.