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Board Meeting – November 2013

Interlachen Inc. Homeowner’s Association – Board Meeting
Monday, November 4, 2013
Burns Residence

Board Members Present:

Allen Johnson – President
Gary McCoy – Vice President
Lance West – Secretary
Roger Keast – Treasurer
Ted Smits – Blue Lake Commissioner
Tom Burns – Road and Parks Commissioner
Bettianne Goetz – Membership Commissioner

Meeting Called to Order: 7:05 P.M.

Moved and seconded to approve October, 2013 minutes, with revision:
Troutdale Energy Center – Recommended that the project be rejected.
The Board (rather than the committee, as referenced,) agreed to purchase and install the no dumping signs at the far west end of Interlachen Lane.

Reports of Officers and Commissioners:

PRESIDENT – Allen Johnson
No Report.

No Report.

SECRETARY – Lance West
No Report.

TREASURER – Roger Keast
Roger prepared and provided the current reconciliation. Funds available:

General Purpose Fund$12,353.79
Blue Lake Reserve$ 7,160.11
Road Reserve$ 5,200.00
Total Cash$24,713.90

Approved checks # 1259 – 1268.

FIPOA/IWPUD – Liaison Commissioner – Bob Torheim
Not Present – Excused

Boats were removed from the lake for the winter with no problems.

Tom removed the laurel with help from others. Next year Tom plans on extending the wall to the back disposal to make things look more finished. 12 Mile Disposal has offered the service of garbage pickup at the park for $5.00 per occasion. The Board agreed to authorize payment to 12 Mile Disposal.

Bettianne attended the recent FLPOA meeting. There was discussion on the weed situation which was not as bad as previous summers, but they will be prepared to spray in early April.

There is a small amount of money set aside for improvement to the boat ramp. They will be speaking with the Interlachen PUD to see if they will allow the improvement to be made.

Reports from Committees:

SOCIAL COMMITTEE – Erika Teyema & Michelle Monson
Michelle was not able to attend the meeting. Michelle will be present at the November 5th meeting to plan Christmas events.

BYLAWS – Gary McCoy
No Report.

Old Business:

Roger purchased a no dumping sign from Metro. Roads and Parks will be installing the sign. The arborvitae at the easement looks great.

New Business:

Nothing will be done with the patrol boat until the next Blue Lake Commissioner is chosen.


The Board agreed to not have a formal meeting in December.

Next Meeting:

Monday, January 6, 2014 7:00 PM at the Keast Residence.

Meeting adjourned 8:00 P.M.