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Board Meeting – October 2013

Interlachen Inc. Homeowner’s Association – Board Meeting
Thursday, October 7, 2013
Johnson Residence

Board Members Present:

Allen Johnson – President
Gary McCoy – Vice President
Lance West – Secretary
Roger Keast – Treasurer
Bettianne Goetz – Membership Commissioner

Meeting Called to Order: 7:10 P.M.

Moved and seconded to approve September, 2013 minutes.

Reports of Officers and Commissioners:

PRESIDENT – Allen Johnson
There will be an annual meeting for FLPOA at City Hall on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 7:00 PM. The Fairview lake dam was opened today and Fairview Lake will be going down.

No Report.

SECRETARY – Lance West
No Report.

TREASURER – Roger Keast
Roger prepared and provided the current reconciliation. Funds available:
General Purpose Fund: $18,821.15
Blue Lake Reserve: $ 7,160.11
Road Reserve: $ 5,200.00
Total Cash: $31,181.26

Approved checks # 1256 – 1258.

FIPOA/IWPUD – Liaison Commissioner – Bob Torheim
Not Present – Excused
Bob provided the following report: ‘The Fairview Lake agreement with the City of Fairview, Multnomah County Drainage District and FLPOA is now online.’

Not Present – Excused

Not Present – Excused
Tom issued two checks for a total of $19.46 from the parks budget. One check for $5.00 for dog bags, the other for $14.46 to Greystone for additional blocks. The wall was completed and glued.

We need six small Arborvitae trees, so if anyone sees them on end of year sale, please let him know.

There was an issue with the road at the Ferris’ residence causing the water runoff to cause significant erosion. Rockwood came back out and completed permanent repairs. Tom will contact the power company to take care of the street lights.

Bettianne reviewed the existing membership application. The application was approved with no changes.

Reports from Committees:

SOCIAL COMMITTEE – Erika Teyema & Michelle Monson
Not Present – Excused
Neither were present, but they are working on planning activities for December.

BYLAWS – Gary McCoy
No Report. We are waiting for the annual meeting.

Old Business:

There was a meeting to discuss the Troutdale Energy Center. The Troutdale Airport Manager is opposed to the site as it is a Troutdale airspace violation. The President of the pilots association is also in opposition. He stated that his concern was related to thermal plumes and the effect on low level air traffic. He said that there will be accidents if they build the energy center. Michael Long from Friends of the Columbia River Gorge discussed the adverse effects on air, water, fish and wildlife. He also feels that there would be an impact on tourism. PGE and the Public Utilities Commission have also rejected the project.

New Business:

The committee agreed to purchase and install a no dumping sign at the far west end of Interlachen Lane.



Next Meeting:

November 4, 2013, 7:00 PM at the Burns Residence.

Meeting adjourned 8:10 P.M.