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Interlachen Inc. Homeowner’s Association – Board Meeting
Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Burns Residence

Board Members Present:

Allen Johnson – President
Roger Keast – Treasurer
Sheri Parshall – Secretary
Bettianne Goetz– Membership Commissioner
Tom Burns – Roads and Parks Commissioner
Ted Smits – Blue Lake Commissioner

Call to order: 7:04

Moved and seconded to approve February minutes with corrections.

Officer Reports

PRESIDENT – Allen Johnson
Deferred to annual meeting report.

No report.

SECRETARY – Sheri Parshall
No report. She will post February minutes.

TREASURER – Roger Keast –
Roger presented the current reconciliation. Funds available $13,377.73. Moved and seconded to approve the March bills. Motion passed. Roger has been receiving the 2013 dues. Roger discussed that fact that the budget fiscal year closes in February, and the amount noted previously reflects closing budget amount.

Roger presented the proposed budget for 2013/2014. This will be discussed later in the agenda.

FLPOA/IWPUD – Bob Torheim
No report.

Ted is looking to meet with the park personnel regarding Blue Lake Park improvements. That will be scheduled in future.

Discussion and suggestions deferred until next budget year.

MEMBERSHIP – Bettianne Goetz
Bettianne is working with several new families. She’s provided welcome packets and will follow up with them.

Social committee will be setting up for the annual meeting and will have a sign-up sheet. Michelle is doing a great job getting organized for next year.

Gary McCoy will set up a meeting with the new board to discuss the same.


Blue Lake Keys – Ted
Roger will provide updated boat dues list to those appropriate to launch. Ted will be communicating with the park with regard to keys for the bollard. Currently there are no keys that work with the bollard.

Blue Lake Ramp Improvements – Ted will chat with the folks at Metro to resolve.

Annual Meeting Agenda – Allen
Allen provided a proposed agenda.

Nominating Committee – Allen
Allen noted that that committee is Sue Meyer, Al Goetz and Janice Johnson. Next year’s committee will be created at the annual meeting.

Park Reservations – Erika
Erika will present rules for use of the park at the annual meeting Those will be presented at the annual meeting.


Landowner meeting at Drainage District Report – Bettianne
Mike Johnson made a presentation regarding Fairview Lake and the weed control program and its success. The biggest challenge will be the ACE (Army Corps of Engineers) and discussed the requirements for urban dams, which includes Marine Drive, which is considered a dam/dike. The ACE requires that there be no trees, homes, or asphalt, etc. on the dam/dike. The current pump system would not handle a hundred-year flood.

Presentations at Annual Meeting – Allen
Allen ran through the proposed presentation for the 2013 annual meeting.


Ted is interested in discussing emergency planning for future disasters. It was suggested that one of the potluck gatherings would be appropriate to provide the Red Cross access to the membership.

Correspondence: A letter was received from the Whiteheads regarding the removal of the tree located across from their home. Allen will respond.

Next meeting: Annual Meeting, April 8th at the Lake House

Meeting adjourned: 8:48