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Minutes of the Interlachen Board of Directors
Bettianne Goetz’s house, 7:00 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by President, Allen Johnson, at 7:05.

Board members Ted Smits, Bob Torheim, Tom Burns, Roger Keast, and Bettianne Goetz were present. Committee member Erika Teyema was also present. Absent were Board members, Sheri Parshall and Gary McCoy

Minutes were read and approved.

PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT (Allen Johnson and Gary McCoy): no report

Roger presented the treasurer’s report. The ending balance is $15,649.01 with $5,560.11 of that amount in the Blue Lake Specific Funds. The general budget balance is $10, 088.90. It was moved and passed that we pay bills with check numbers 1206-1210. He reminded us that next year’s annual dues will be $200 with no early discount and that the Associate Member dues will be raised to $50 a year.

FLPOA/IWPUD Liaison Commissioner: (Bob Torheim)
Bob reported that the PUD has a good cash reserve. They are still fighting with the City of Fairview over the 100% increase of our sewer bills.

Lengthy discussion concerned the ownership of the property at the intersection of Blue Lake Road and Interlachen (where our sign is). Allen and Bob have gathered opinions from a realtor and the PUD maps. There are mixed opinions as to the ownership. Tom expressed the opinion that the property is ours as we have landscaped and used that corner for decades (squatters rights). Ted brought up the idea that we might move our sign to the opposite corner in front of the pump house. It could beautify that corner by covering up the unattractive pump house. We decided to ponder this situation until the spring and in the meantime try to get to know the owner of that house better.

Allen and Bettianne reported on the FLPOA Annual Meeting held on October 25 at Fairview City Hall. The weed treatment on Fairview Lake was very successful. They found that they did not need to do the planned second treatment in August. The funds for this will be kept in the treasury for use next year. There is a constant problem of the lake filling up in the northwest corner of the lake due to wind and water movement. The residents want FLPOA to do something about it but the Board is choosing not to take any action on the situation. FLPOA is still working with the City of Fairview to put in their own boat ramp onto the lake.

After some discussion about the Lake Patrol boat now at Ted’s house the Board decided to approach FLPOA as to the possibility of renting it to them (or possibly selling it to them?). Their lake manager is in need of a boat to do his work on Fairview Lake.

Tom reported that many neighbors do not know about our new Library at the park. Allen offered to photograph the structure and place information on the web regarding its addition to the park. We need to give Emek and Yval Golan recognition for their work on this project.

MEMBERSHIP (Bettianne Goetz)
Bettianne reported that we have 7 new members this year so far. There are 4 new associate members and 10 delinquent members have paid their dues after a phone call from her.

SOCIAL (Ericka Teyema)
December 14 will be the caroling party this year. This group will end and continue to sing at the Marking’s house again. The starting house still needs to be arranged. Santa’s visit TBA.

The Board decided not to develop an Honorary Associates category.
Talked about the current boat launch being posted as private property.

Bettianne offered to get a new American flag for the pole at Welsh Park. $50.00 or less was allocated to do this. Old flags can be dropped off at a collection box outside Fairview City Hall.

The next meeting will be January 7, 7:00 p.m. at Roger and Betty Keast’s house.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted
Bettianne Goetz, interim secretary