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Congratulations to the Interlachen Holiday Lights Winners:
Bev and Curt Knight, 21143
Roger and Betty Keast, 20115
Dale and Sheri Parshall, 20721

Oddly enough, during the night, someone moved the sign from the Parshall’s to the Hauck’s lot. Apparently, whoever it was felt that they were a better judge of lighting then the committee that did the judging. We understand why they might think that the Hauck display was perhaps more deserving. All the displays were very delightful up and down the lane. The decision was not an easy one for the committee and all participants are to be commended for their efforts. The Hauck’s won last year and always put up a nice display and we applaud their efforts. This year’s committee wanted to give the recognition to homes that did not win the previous year. If you are going to have a competition, you need to have judges, and the judge’s decisions should be respected. Otherwise, the signs would be moving constantly up and down the street as each person thought another display was more deserving. I would encourage whoever moved the sign, to get involved and be part of the social committee and help with these functions as a part of a group. We never have enough people to help with the events; and to those who do, thank you for your time and efforts. Again, congratulations to the winners and I hope that everyone has a joyous holiday season.

Allen Johnson
Interlachen Inc.