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The Fairview Police Department has received information that homemade “Drano Bombs” may be placed in or around parks located in East Multnomah County. These so called “Drano Bombs” are usually made in plastic drinking bottles. When picked up or moved a chemical reaction takes place that can cause severe heat and an explosion that can injure or kill.

Do not pick up any suspicious looking plastic bottles. We have been told that other possible targets could be yards and driveways of private homes.

Fairview residents are urged to call the Fairview Police Department if you find a suspicious looking plastic bottle with unknown liquid contents- especially if there is aluminum foil inside and the bottle has been capped. We will respond and evaluate. The non-emergency dispatch number is (503) 823-3333.

If you see a suspicious looking plastic bottle and it is smoking, move away quickly and call 9-1-1.