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Interlachen Inc. Homeowner’s Association – Board Meeting
Tuesday, July 9, 2012
Parshall Home

Board Members Present:

Allen Johnson – President
Vice President – Gary McCoy
Roger Keast – Treasurer
Sheri Parshall – Secretary
Tom Burns – Roads and Parks Commissioner
Bob Torheim – FLPOA/IWPUS Liaison Commissioner
Betty Goetz – Membership Commissioner
Ted Smits – Blue Lake Commissioner
Erika Teyema – Social Committee

Call to order: 7:05

Minutes from June were approved as corrected.

Officer Reports

President – Allen Johnson
Allen has brought the President’s book up to date for 2012. Allen will be the keeper of the books, and will pass on a couple years’ worth to the next president.

Vice President – Gary McCoy
No report.

Secretary – Sheri Parshall
No report.

Treasurer Roger Keast
Roger presented this month’s checks for approval. Total cash assets are $21,119.96, and cash available is $15,709.85. The budget has been updated. Some invoices are yet to be paid. There are two new associate members. Roger reported that the interest rates have dropped on the savings accounts, to approximately half of what was budgeted. Bettianne will check with some of the new folks.

FLPOA/IWPUD – Bob Torheim

Bob reported that the 4th of July boat parade went off as planned on Fairview Lake. The FLPOA folks are happy with the way the first treatments for the weeds have gone. The second series is in the wings, if necessary. Bob hasn’t heard any further commentary after the last set of test samples went in for study. Bob admires the FLPOA board for being proactive in getting the Fairview City Council involved.

Bob noted that FLPOA handles title insurance queries regarding homeowner association dues. For example, if title insurance companies asks if someone has paid dues, FLPOA will tell them yes or no, whichever is correct. There is discussion whether or not Interlachen should handle the situation in a similar manner.

Nothing to report from the monthly PUD meeting.

Blue Lake Commissioner – Ted Smits
Ted reported that there has been a boat fire and one boat ran out of gas. Our own boat patrol would be useful.

Tom Burns – Road and Parks Commissioner
Last month I installed GFCI Current protectors on the two 20 amp circuits feeding the Gazebo in order to bring it up to code. In doing that I had to have a member of the PUD give me access to the pump house in order to shut off the breakers. Terry Schulz was required to stay with me at all times as per Federal regulations.

I looked at the existing electrical panel and thought that it may be a good idea if we were to add a sub-panel and place it in our storage unit so we would have access to our circuits without having to have a PUD member available. The circuits in the gazebo have had ongoing problem with tripping. If we were having an event, we would be subject to the PUD’s availability to get us back on line if we tripped a breaker. I figured it would cost three to four hundred dollars to put a sub-panel in helping a licensed electrician associate of mine to do the work..

I had the electrician look over the existing wiring in the pump house and discovered that #1 our circuits feeding the gazebo are on the same phase rather than opposite phases, #2 the circuits have been tripped so many times they are probably worn out. #3. the existing panel is antiquated, #4 the branch circuits feeding the pump house are not code as they are running two independent circuits under a double throw breaker. He suggested that the existing panel feeding the pump house circuits be replaced along with all of the existing wiring. We got a bid of $1,500 to do all of the work, including rewiring the entire pump house so they don’t have cords dangling all over for their overhead lighting. I told the PUD we would pony up $400.00 for the project. They are considering the proposal. It was moved and seconded that we authorize Tom to work with PUD and spend up to $400 to resolve electrical issues in the pump house. Motion passed.

While looking at the project I also noticed that the light in our storage unit is on the same circuit as the pump house lighting so you need to get into the pump house if you want to turn on the light. I also noted that there is an existing 20 amp outlet right outside the door of the shed that is disconnected. We checked and are not able to add any new circuits into the gazebo as the cabling from the shed to the gazebo is direct buried and not in conduit. If we were to add the sub-panel we would gain another 20 amp circuit along with having the light in the shed on our own switch. If the PUD decides to do nothing I do have a plan “B” in mind which would include installing a motion activated security light over each door illuminating egress at night, and adding additional security to the gazebo. I am guessing that this would cost us about $550.00 of which I believe the PUD will pay for a share. Tom will include Bob in discussions.

I spread three loads of bark dust in the park, getting ready for the Pancake Breakfast and Chase Farris spread eight yards of ¾ minus rock, extending the driveway to the shed.

Total expenditures including 6 hours of labor for Chase came to $475.00

Member Frank Clow was selling some like new Lifetime Folding chairs for ten bucks apiece. These chairs go for $35.00+ at Home Depot and Sears. Frank accepted $100.00 for the lot ($7.50 ea.). The chairs will be stored in the park shed for members’ use.

It was moved that we approve additional billing for the Road Commissioner, including chairs, gravel and bark dust. Motion passed.

There was discussion regarding the contact person for use of the association’s tables and chairs. Going forward Erika Teyema will be the contact person for use of the Association’s tables and chairs.

Roger advised that there is also a flatbed trailer that belongs to the Association that currently resides at the Park. It was decided that the trailer should be the responsibility of the Parks commissioner, and Allen tasked Tom with getting details about the trailer.

Bettianne Goetz – Membership
Bettianne reports that she has a member who will be paying, and then she’ll be speaking with the folks that don’t live here but own property. There is one new resident that Bettianne will be chatting with in future.

Social Committee – Erika Teyema
The annual pancake breakfast was cancelled due to the relentless rains. The weather was far more agreeable for the Fourth of July Kid’s Parade. Look for pictures to be posted online. The next event is a potluck picnic on Thursday, July 19th. This year is a pirate theme. There will be a pirate rock band and a bounce house for the kids. The picnic will be in Welsh Park from 6-8pm. Other upcoming summer events include the Street Sale on August 11, the International Potluck Picnic on Aug 16, and Art in the Park on Aug 26.

All members interested in participating in the street sale should contact Betty Keast. The cost, which covers advertising, signage and balloons, is $10. “Earlybird” shopping for the members happens on Friday night, and the event is published to take place on Saturday.

Old Business

Park Benches – Erika
Erika advised that the new benches have been installed. Erika advised that the seats are not glued together, which would make for a permanent installation, and the vendor advised that they would be available to do the same. Board members will be checking to see if we should look into using the vendor to upgrade the benches.

Honorary Associates – Allen
Allen is working on this – no report currently.

Articles of Incorporation Update – Roger
Roger is working to make these updates this month.

By-Laws Update – Allen
Allen has prepared the updated by-laws, which will be posted. Tom suggested that we include boat rules and boat launch dues in the standing rules. Allen would like a committee to look into boat rules, boat fees, and working with Metro with regard to enforcing rules. It was noted that Multnomah County gave us the authority to enforce the rules, but since the changeover to Metro administration, that may have changed. Allen asked Gary to look into the incorporation of standing rules with regard to boat rules, into the by-laws. Gary, Roger, and Tom will be on the committee, and Jeff Townsend will be asked to participate. Allen will participate, and Ted Smits will be on the committee, as well. Ted Smits will chair the committee. Gary will speak with Jeff Townsend.

Garden Club – Bettianne
It was noted that there is insufficient interest at this time to go forward with the Garden Club.

Blue Lake Keys – Ted
Ted has collected several more keys for the boat ramp. Ted, Sheri, Allen and Tom will have keys.

This is a reminder that the Blue Lake Easement is available for all Interlachen members. The code is available from Tom Burns.

USS Ranger – Allen
Allen advised that 2015 is the target date for the USS Ranger to arrive. There are some issues with the UP railroad bridge and actually delivering the carrier to Troutdale. Allen has signed up for any mailings that are issued by the USS Ranger group. The immediate concern is the traffic on Marine Drive and 223rd.

There are also a couple of ballot measures that will allow a casino at the old Multnomah Kennel Club, so everyone should be aware that those issues may be on the November ballot.


Movie in the Park – Tom
Nothing to report at this time.

Row Boat and Motor – Ted
Ted Smits has the rowboat and motor and has cleaned it up and painted “Lake Patrol” on the boat. Ted noted that the concessionaire at the park has done a good job of advising their paddle boat folks to observe rules and doesn’t know that we need to go forward with having our own Lake Patrol at this time. We’ll monitor and see if there may be a need later this summer.

Boat Rules – Group
It would be fun to have the Blue Lake folks join the Fairview Lake floaters on Saturday evenings. It was discussed that boat owners should be cognizant of their wakes. It was was noted that there is a length limit on boats of any kind, except for AWS certified towboats, to 18 feet. Roger suggested that we do a review of boat rules for next year. Allen tasked Roger to form a committee. Any interested parties should contact Roger at


Underground Connections
After chatting with some cable company employees who noted poor, unsafe power connections, Bettianne suggested that we look into putting power lines underground. It was noted that everyone could do this, but it would be at homeowner expense. This could be a project for the PUD. It was suggested that Diane McKeel be approached.

Pancake Breakfast
It was suggested that we have a “Plan B” for the Pancake Breakfast.

Stranger Danger
There have been strangers in the neighborhood going door-to-door for no apparent reason. Folks are asked to be aware of strangers in the neighborhood.

Next meeting: Tuesday, August 7th at 6 p.m. at the Johnson House.

Adjournment at 9:33