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Interlachen Inc. Homeowner’s Association – Board Meeting
Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Torheim Home

Board Members Present:

Allen Johnson – President
Vice President – Gary McCoy
Roger Keast – Treasurer
Sheri Parshall – Secretary
Tom Burns – Roads and Parks Commissioner
Bob Torheim – FLPOA/IWPUS Liaison Commissioner
Betty Goetz – Membership Commissioner
Ted Smits – Blue Lake Commissioner

Excused: Erika Teyema – Social Committee

Call to order: 7:03 p.m.

Minutes from May were approved as corrected.

Officer Reports

President – Allen Johnson
No Report

Vice President – Gary McCoy
No report.

Secretary – Sheri Parshall

Treasurer Roger Keast
Roger eported on the bills to be paid as noted in his report. It was moved and seconded to approve payments as noted in Roger’s report. The motion was made and seconded to add two checks for Tom Burns. The budget is running as indicated in his report. Roger currently shows 82 paid memberships. There are 8 paid boat registrations. There is $13,357.74 in net cash/savings.

FLPOA/IWPUD – Bob Torheim

Bob reported that the FLPOA meeting was cancelled, with the next meeting scheduled for June 28th. Bettianne advised that there is already tremendous weed growth, and that the Fairview Lake level has begun to drop in order to prepare for treatment. Enough money has been collected to treat both this year and 2013.

There is a monthly testing/maintenance meeting and there are currently no problems. Bob reports that there are approximately 20 homeowners who haven’t paid, and they’re considering hiring a professional collection agency for reasons that include committee time considerations and to avoid neighbor problems. It was discussed that the PUD is always looking for additional members.

Blue Lake Commissioner – Ted Smits
Ted reports that he’s had wonderful correspondence from Roger regarding boat registrations. There is a pontoon boat on the lake. It was also reported that a boat was seen pulling a skier and using a “dummy” spotter, which we would like to remind everyone, is illegal.

Tom Burns – Road and Parks Commissioner
Roger advised that currently all is well with the Road and Parks Commissioner.

Bettianne Goetz – Membership
Bettianne reported that she’s spoken to ten people and have received payment from seven. She still has people to contact. She has met the new family on the street and will deliver membership information. Two of the people that Bettianne will be calling are those who don’t live here.

Social Committee – Erika Teyema
The social committee is meeting tonight. Roger is soliciting volunteers for the breakfast. Bettianne offered to help get volunteers. The social committee is in need of new members, and asks that anyone interested please contact Betty Keast at 503-489-5608 or .

Old Business

Mini-Library Box – Tom Burns
The Mini-Library box has been completed and installed. Bev Knight thanked the board for approving the box and to let everyone know it’s ready to go. The box is for books, DVDs and CDs.

Park Benches – Tom Burns
Erika has ordered them and hopes to have them before the Pancake Breakfast on June 23rd.

Striping of Speed Bumps – Tom Burns
The speed bumps have been striped.

Meeting June 5th on Proposed Power Plant – Allen
No one attended a proposed meeting on the power plant. Allen will continue to monitor.

Honorary Associates – Allen

The Port-a-potty has arranged for a delivered.

Articles of Incorporation Update – Roger
Roger will take care of that with the State.

By-Laws Update – Allen
Allen will make official changes to the document for posting on the web site.

Authorization Signature for Checking – Roger
Roger has gotten the necessary signatures and will submit to the bank.

Garden Club – Allen
Haven’t had any phone calls but minutes with that information haven’t been posted. That will happen this month. Bettianne volunteered to recruit some of our local master gardeners.

Mosquito Abatement – Allen
Allen contacted the Vector Control folks, and advised that whenever there will be a water release from the week, that is the time to spray. Blue Lake Park has been sprayed, and the Park area on Fairview Lake has been sprayed. They ask to be advised when Fairview Lake drops and they’ll come in and spray.


Movie in the Park – Tom
Nothing to report at this time.

Blue Lake Keys – Ted
There’s been a problem with our key not working in the lock on the bollard at the Park. Mt Hood CC has their own keys for the park and it appears that they have been changing the lock. The lock is now replaced, and Ted will be chatting with the folks in charge of the students to let them know to not change the lock.

To date, there has been no discussion about weed abatement or removal of lily pads on the lake. There’s been no discussion at the BLIA level at this point.

Blue Lake Boats – Ted
Curt called Ted about the small motor boat and a small row boat, to advise that Curt would like the boats to have another home. It was suggested that we train a couple of young people to use the boat and patrol Blue Lake. On another note, the concessionaire at the park also asked that we request our boaters to stay 50 feet from the paddle boat dock.


The next “Friday Frolic” is in July at the Goetz residence.

Roger noted that his gas tank was drained, so be aware of gas thieves.

USS Ranger
There’s additional talk about the USS Ranger, and that new development would include a hotel property. It sounds like there’s consideration about making it a convention center. We would have concerns about traffic during construction, as well as the number of people in the area. It was suggested that we visit the office in Fairview and chat with folks there about the development.

Next meeting: Monday, July 9th at 7 p.m., location at the Parshall house.

Adjournment at 8:29 pm.