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Interlachen Inc. Homeowner’s Association – Board Meeting
Monday, May 7, 2012
Johnson Home

Board Members Present:

Allen Johnson – President
Vice President – Gary McCoy
Roger Keast – Treasurer
Sheri Parshall – Secretary
Tom Burns – Roads and Parks Commissioner
Bob Torheim – FLPOA/IWPUS Liaison Commissioner
Social Committee – Erika Teyema

Bettianne Goetz
Ted Smits

Call to order: 7:03 p.m.

Minutes from April were approved as presented.

Officer Reports

President Allen Johnson
Welcomed the group, and explained how things work.

Vice President – Gary McCoy
No report.

Secretary Sheri Parshall
No report.

Treasurer Roger Keast
Roger noted we’re running behind with dues collection, and presented bills for payment. It was moved and seconded to pay bills as presented. Motion passed. Roger will work with Gary to set him us as a signator on the checking account.

FLPOA/IWPUD – Bob Torheim

Bob is working on getting a contact list together for both FLPOA and the PUD, so that he can receive meeting notices. Allen reported that Mike Johnson is hopeful that the permit for treating Fairview Lake will be granted this coming week, barring further delay. The lake is being kept low in order to assist with the treatment process. Erika noted that the mosquito people want to know about mosquito abatement before the lake is treated and raised. Allen will query the county about Blue Lake in addition to Fairview Lake.

No report.

Blue Lake Commissioner – Ted Smits
One past-due boater has paid his dues for last year and this year.

BLIA Report. No report direct from BLIA.

Tom Burns – Road and Parks Commissioner
Discussed new basketball rim, and the fact we already need to replace the one hung recently. We’ll need a spring-loaded rim that will be able to survive our budding NBA Allstars and their rim-hanging dunks. Tom asked about the lake level, as he has a load of river rock to put on the shore of the park area. Tom noted that there’s a new dog in town, and his people aren’t cleaning up after him. Please clean up after your furry friends! Erika will be replacing the plants. Tom would like to organize a plant swap.

Bettianne Goetz – Membership
No report. Roger asked whether or not we should do a second notice for dues. The board agreed that an e-mail notice to those who have paid previously, but not paid this year, would be appropriate.

Social Committee – Erika Teyema
The first “Second Friday Frolic” is coming up on May 11th from 7-9 p.m. at the Keast residence. Roger reminded the board that sign-ups are needed. Everyone is asked to bring-your-own-bottle, glasses and a snack to share. The next Friday Frolic is June 8th, and the Pancake Breakfast on June 23rd. Erika has been speaking with Bettianne about coming up with an idea for invitations to join the association. Just a reminder that everyone is invited to join the Association’s list-serve on the web site, which gives everyone news as it’s posted on the web site. Roger has offered to send everyone an e-mail to remind them that there is a web site that people can join. Allen suggested that a flyer go out with all of the events listed, so that those who didn’t attend the annual meeting will have that available. Erika suggested that Roger attach that to his membership dues reminder. Erika reported on a “Movie in the Park,” and will be working with Tom to pick a date.

Old Business

Details on proposed power plant – Allen Johnson
There will be a PUC meeting on June 5th to review the power plant.

Mini-Library Box – Allen Johnson
The budget was approved, and at this point the board simply needs to approve the release of the funds and give the go-ahead for building the library box. There is a national registry of lending libraries. It was moved and seconded that the board proceed with building the library box. Tom was tasked with chatting with Bev Knight.

Easement Dock – Tom Burns
The easement dock is completed. Thanks to Tom Burns and other volunteers for their assistance. There is a retaining wall that has yet to be built, and replace a couple of boards on the dock, and should be open for use on May 8th.

Park Benches – Erika Teyema
There was discussion on the cement benches for the park. It was moved and seconded that we go forward with replacing the benches. Motion passed. Erika will explore

Speed Bump Striping – Tom
The speed bumps need striping and Tom will look into finding someone to paint stripes on the speed bumps.


Proposed Power Plant –Allen Johnson
There is a meeting planned for June 5th, with no additional information with regard to time and location. Erika and Sheri will try to attend once that information is available.

Web Site “Thank You” to Dues Payers – Roger
Names of those who have paid dues were posted on the web site, thanking them for their support.

Generic Boat Stickers – Tom Burns
Tom will give Curt information on pricing in order that Curt may order the stickers, including the generic “fish” sticker, and individual year stickers.

By-Laws Reword – Allen
Allen is working on re-writing the by-laws. It was moved and seconded that Roger update the articles of incorporation noting changes in by-laws and update officer registry. Motion passed.

Honorary Associate Membership – Allen Johnson
There was discussion on Honorary Associates, and there is no category in the by-laws currently to allow for that level of membership. Allen will notify those interested with the outcome of the discussion.

Authorized Signatures for Checking Account – Roger
It was moved and seconded that the following officer(s) are signators on the checking account are Allen Johnson, President; Gary McCoy, Vice President; Roger Keast – Treasurer; Sheri Parshall – Secretary.

Porta-Potty for Park
It was moved and seconded that we provide a porta-potty for the park again this year for June-September 2012. Motion passed.

Mosquito Abatement – Allen
Allen will take care of communicating with the proper authorities regarding mosquito abatement for both Fairview and Blue Lakes.


Garden Club
It was suggested that we form a garden club, where gardeners could get together and share interest, share plants, etc. Contact Allen Johnson for more information at 503-512-8222.

Next meeting: Monday, June 12th at 7 p.m., location at the Torheim house.

Adjournment at 8:25 pm.