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Interlachen Inc. Homeowner’s Association – 82nd Annual Meeting
Monday, April 9, 2012
Lake House, Blue Lake Park, 7 p.m.

Board Members Present:

Allen Johnson – President
Erika Teyema – Vice President
Roger Keast – Treasurer
Sheri Parshall – Secretary
Debbie Weaver – FLPOA/IWPUD
Tom Burns – Roads and Parks Commissioner
Curt Knight – Blue Lake Commissioner

Committee Members Present:
Betty Keast – Social Committee
Bettianne Goetz – Membership
Al Goetz – Nominating Committee
Mel Rieff – Nominating Committee/Audit Committee
Ernie Brawley – Nominating Committee/Audit Committee

Call to Order:
A quorum is present, with representation by 2/3 of the paid membership.

Reading and Approval of 2011 Annual Meeting Minutes
It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes from the 2011 Annual Meeting as posted. Motion passed.


President Allen Johnson
Accomplishments for 2012 included refurbishment of the play structure in the park, cleaned and stained the gazebo, contacted homeowners in need of yard clean-up, installed speed signs along narrow section of roadway; paving repairs and drainage control, reestablished our non-profit status with the IRS; purchase of four pop-up shelters for social events at the park. Reminder that the web site, is updated with information regarding social events, lake information, and other news.

Bettianne Goetz – Membership
Bettianne reported on the number of members we currently have, and noted a decline in association membership. Bettianne encouraged networking to regain some of our members. Bettianne introduced new members Susan Hoyez, John Mellein and Michelle Monson, Ted and Cathy Smits, and presented them with Interlachen flags. Other new members are Gary and Sandy McCoy, Suzanne and Clark Ortiz, and Sara Seeley. They will be given their flags at a later date.

Tom Burns – Road and Parks Commissioner
Tom reported on accomplishments on the roads and parks, including paving projects on the road and the park driveway, 15-mph speed sign, new bark chips in the park playground structure, pressure washing and staining the park gazebo. Tom and son Peter stained the Gazebo. Needed projects include improvements necessary to the Blue Lake easement/access; the library box at the park; adding steps from the new paved driveway to the gazebo; and a load of rock to improve the waterfront at the park. Tom has a sign-up sheet for those who’d like to help with any these projects. He also thanked pet owners for cleaning up after their furry friends.
FLPOA/IWPUD – Debbie Weaver

Tom Caufield and Terry Schultz
Tom reported on the current state of the PUD. The account currently contains approximately $88,000, with approximately $35,000 taken in annually. After analyzing the financial status of the district, Tom advised that water fees will stay the same. There were a few line issues/repairs. The cost of the repairs was approximately $28,000.00. Regulatory concerns resulted in consulting fees of approximately $7,900.00, and other miscellaneous costs came to approximately $9,000.00, essentially using up the annual intake. Tom advised that they will be flushing the Interlachen line system in the next few months. Terry and Karl have attended classes and are certified water quality personnel. Tom thanked Debbie Weaver for her participation in the PUD meetings.

George Linglebach discussed the status of the weed issues on Fairview Lake. FLPOA will be meeting with various affected entities to reach an agreement for application for a permit to apply herbicides to Fairview Lake. FLPOA will be working with a Washington company who has experience with weed issues in that state. While previous treatments included “weed-pulling parties,” that would not have worked this past summer. The permit FLPOA is applying for will be the first of its kind in Oregon, which means all parties are taking extra care in investigating all angles.

Blue Lake Commissioner – Curt Knight
Curt reported that it was a “quiet year”. Projects included a new 4.5 hp outboard motor for the aluminum rowboat (which is available for use by signing it out); development of boat launch rules and inspections (to avoid letting invasive species into the lake), including a request to have Metro enforce rules. The Solarbees are working well, and BLIA is looking at other possibilities for handling the milfoil and water lilies. Launch fees will remain at $75 for this year, and boat registration stickers are available now. Boat fees will be $250 for non-association members. Otters have been sighted on the lake, which are detrimental to the fish population. Boat registrations dropped from 27 in 2010 to 20 in 2011. This will result in a smaller pool of fees to draw from for lake fills, etc. Boat information is available on the web site The lake was stocked in late March, with two additional fish stocks to come. The Oregon Model Yacht Club will be holding regattas on the lake. A question arose regarding control of nutria. It was suggested that affected parties contact Multnomah County Vector Control. Allen advised that the board will look into options.

BLIA – Jeff Townsend
Jeff reported an initial grant of $17,600, which was used for weevil sowing. Jeff reported that it will take probably another two years to realize an impact on the weeds. A fourth Solar Bee was added and it’s made a significant difference. We’ll see what this summer results are. Cost of the additional Solar Bee is $54,000. Jeff is anticipating additional costs to Blue Lake residents to help pay for the Solar Bee. The clarity level is very good. At summer’s end, a decision will be made regarding the additional Solar Bee. Jeff recognized and thanked several homeowners who made additional contributions to the BLIA fund, over and above requested donations: Gene and Earl Riding donated an additional $1,000, the Staffords gave an extra $500, and Mel and Margie Rieff gave an additional $500. BLIA is a 501(c)(3) so all contributions are tax deductible. The BLIA board will be meeting with Metro regarding lake quality and contributions for the 4th Solar Bee. There was also discussion regarding the water lily problem and potential solutions. There is a web site: There was discussion on the viability of the Solar Bees as regards relationship between water level and success of the Solar Bees. Jeff will continue the BLIA meeting at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting.

Social Committee -Betty Keast
Betty discussed events past and present. Events planned for 2012-2013: Easter Egg Hunt, 2nd Friday Frolics, Breakfast in the Park (June 23rd ), Kid’s 4th of July Parade (July 4); Pirate Potluck (July 19th); Street Sale (August 11th); International Potluck (August 16th ) Art in the Park (with FLPOA, August 26th); Campfire Night (September 1st), and in December, Christmas Caroling, Outdoor Lights Contest, and Santa’s visits. The first “2nd Friday Frolic” will be at Roger and Betty Keast’s home on Friday, May 11th, at 7 p.m. Bring your wine glass, beverage, and an appetizer. Betty gave away “2nd Friday Frolic” gift bags to Tom Caufield, Katherine McKenzie, and Jerry Myland.

By-Laws Change
Erica presented changes to by-laws.

Moved and seconded to accept the change to Article III. Motion passed.

Erica presented changes to Section 8 as follows:
Moved and seconded to accept the change to Article III, Section 3. Discussion regarding requirements for associate membership, which could include former residents, close friends and families, etc. Dues would probably be $50.

It was moved that item Article III, Section 8, B be changed to “Associate members be approved by the Board of Governors annually.” Motion passed. It was clarified that those eligible for full membership be required to pay full dues and would not be eligible for associate membership.

It was moved and seconded to adopt the changes to Article III, Section 8 as amended. Motion passed.

Honorary Membership, by recommendation of the board, is offered to Terry Schultz, for his many contributions to the neighborhood and the PUD. Recommendation was accepted by the body.

Also suggested for consideration next year were Nick and Barbara Welch, which, under by-laws, will be researched by the board.

Treasurer Roger Keast
There is a balance of $17,953.51 in cash, made up of checking account and the savings account. Roger presented a budget summary. Dues revenue came in below anticipated numbers, and we’re currently running about ten percent below last year at this time. There were additional downturns in sales of Interlachen merchandise, as well as unscheduled expenses for the park. This resulted in a budget deficit of $1,228.00.

The proposed budget reflects a deficit of $7100, due mostly to $5000 already spent for road improvement. Motion and second to accept the budget for next year. Motion passed. There was discussion about dwindling reserves, and it was suggested that we consider raising dues. Roger presented a proposed dues increase to $200, from the current amount of $175.00, which has been recommended by the board. Roger expects that it will take approximately 5 years to bring reserves back to a comfortable level. It was moved and seconded that dues for 2013/2014 be raised to $200.00. There was discussion regarding allowing a “payment plan” for those who can’t afford to pay the dues in a lump sum amount. Motion passed.

Al introduced the committee recommendations:
Gary McCoy
Ted Smits
Bob Torheim
Allen Johnson
Roger Keast

Moved and seconded to accept the slate as proposed. Motion passed.

Next year’s nomination committee will include Janice Johnson, Al Goetz, and Sue Meyer. It was moved to accept by acclamation, seconded. Motion passed.

Audit Committee – Mel and Ernie
Ernie reported that the bank documents balanced, and noted that the Blue Lake balance is growing, which will be available for lake fills. No issues were reported. It was moved and seconded to accept the audit committee report. Motion passed.

Library Box – Bev Knight
Bev presented the idea of having a library box in the park, behind the current bulletin board, which would be used for sharing books, DVDs, CDs. A design was presented to and approved by the board.

Proposed Power Generation Facility
Allen reported on the power generation plant. Allen sent a letter to Oregon Department of Energy, noting that we have concerns including use of 5.3 million gals of cooling water per day, which may impact Blue Lake fills; activation of the current power lines, noise level of turbines, and air quality due to combustion gases. The web site for information is

NASCAR or Other Track Near Troutdale Airport?
There is little news available. This a 1/8-mile track, near Sigler Marine. If anyone hears any information, please contact the board.

Motion and second to adjourn.