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February 2, 2012

Todd Cornett, Siting Officer
Oregon Department of Energy
625 Marion St. NE
Salem, OR 97301-3742

Dear Mr. Cornett,
I am writing you on behalf of Interlachen, Inc, a homeowners association located approximately 2 miles from the site of the proposed Troutdale Energy Center near the Troutdale Airport.  Interlachen Inc was founded in 1930 and consists of approximately 160 homeowners on property surrounding Blue Lake and the North Shore of Fairview Lake.  The board of governors has reviewed the Notice of Intent and wanted to express a few concerns that we would like assessed during the siting process.  These are:

1.  Interlachen has its own water district, the Interlachen Water Public Utility District.  The Notice of Intent mentions the estimated use of 5.3 million gallons of water per day.  It says most of it will be supplied by the City WPCF, City of Troutdale and Port of Portland.  Additionally, it mentions applications for water rights for new wells.  We are naturally concerned that the aquifer can support the additional demand, and request that the impact on the aquifer be explored.
2.  Blue Lake gets its water from a shallower aquifer that is influenced by the Columbia River.  When the river is low, Blue Lake Residents pay for water fills from the Port of Portland wells to keep Blue Lake’s water level suitable for recreational purposes.  This cost is between one and two thousand dollars per fill depending on the amount of water required.  If the Troutdale Energy Center is also drawing from this aquifer, the residents of Blue Lake may be forced to pay thousands of dollars for additional fills to maintain the lake.  We would like the impact on Blue Lake, and the recreation at Blue Lake Park, considered in the assessment.
3.  Power Lines were constructed to support the Reynolds Aluminum plant that was located near the proposed site of the Troutdale Energy Center.  These lines were never put into use, as the Reynolds facility was closed before they were activated.  These lines run right through Interlachen and Fairview Lake Property Owners Association properties.  The Notice of Intent describes the installation of lines to the PGE, PP&L, and one other substation.  While connection to the overhead transmission towers is not within the scope of this Notice of Intent, we are wondering if connection to the power grid includes plans to activate these lines?
4.  Blue and Fairview Lake communities are somewhat isolated from general traffic flow patters, and as such we live in a very quiet and peaceful community.  We have the occasional train noise and aircraft noise from the Troutdale airport.  We would like to know what the audible levels of the plant will be?  Will we hear the constant whine of turbines two miles away?  What is the audible levels of the facility at certain distances?
5.  Lastly, we would like to know the impact of the combustion process air discharges.  40 tons of NOx doesn’t mean much to John Doe.  How does that equate to the discharges from trucks passing by on I-84 or jets taking off from PDX?  In other words, does this equal the emissions from 600 trucks a day passing through our neighborhood?

Interlachen Inc. has not taken a stand on this proposal.  We see benefits to the community, and we have concerns about the impact on our quality of life.  We are gathering information to be well informed as the siting process takes place.  We would appreciate our concerns being addressed as part of the siting process.

Thank you for consideration of our comments.

Allen O. Johnson
President, Interlachen Inc
P.O. Box 96
Fairview, OR 97024
503 512 8222