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lnterlachen Inc. Homeowner’s Association — Board Meeting
Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Parshall Home
Board Members Present:
Allen Johnson — President
Roger Keast — Treasurer
Sheri Parshall — Secretary
Debbie Weaver — FLPOA/IWPUD
Tom Burns — Roads and Parks Commissioner
Curt Knight — Blue Lalce Commissioner
Bettianne Goetz
Erika Teyema
Call to order: 7:06 p.m.
Minutes from December were approved as presented.
Ofhcer Reports
President Allen Johnson
Allen has been working on organizing for the annual meeting. Refer to new business.
Vice President Erika Teyema
Allen reported that there was a by-laws meeting and there is recommended verbiage for honorary membership and
associate membership. We will get a detailed report later. There was discussion regarding the descriptions.
Secretary Sheri Parshall
No report.
Treasurer Roger Keast
Roger presented the treasurer’s report. General account contains $25,223.44. Bills are listed and are included as part of this report. The budget has been updated and budget is mostly on track.
Roger presented expenses for payment, which were discussed. Moved and seconded to pay expenses as presented in the Treasurer’ s report. Motion passed.
There is no news on the IRS situation. Roger will continue to monitor.
FLPOA/IWPUD — Debbie Weaver
Received the billing for dues ($125) and a one-time assessment ($275) for weed control. The new dues amount should cover weed control chemical application once annually going forward. This may have an affect on Fairview Lake residents on lnterlachen and having dual membership.

Met on Monday. Terry and Tom are mapping out the system. No problems were reported.
Blue Lake Commissioner – Curt Knight
The Lake House has been reserved on April 9″` from 4-10 p.m.
Curt advises that his RC sailboat group will be using Blue Lake as their “home port.”
Curt called Metro regarding enforcement of county ordinances in place regarding owners in arrears of dues. Dan
Kromer, Parks and Visitor Services Manager, sent a letter to the delinquent boat owner advising that these dues are
required per Metro Code 10.01.140. Tom suggested that we give the park a list of paid boat owners who are approved to launch, and when necessary, have Blue Lake Park approach the Sheriff to issue a citation to the boat owner with options of boat removal or payment of launch fees. Tom will research other existing county ordinances that may assist in enforcement of Association rules.
Curt has moved the boat motor down to his bath house, and confirmed that the motor is insured.
Tom offered to produce generic stickers without a date, plus small stickers that have the dates.
BLIA Report. No report direct from BLIA. It was recommended that the water lilies be topped. Curt has volunteered to
coordinate a “water lily” party for mid-March, depending on what the situation looks like.
Tom Bums — Road and Parks Commissioner
Tom will be meeting with the paving contractor next week regarding paving. Discussion regarding the budget process for maintenance.
Bettianne Goetz — Membership
So far this year we have 3 new members. Kuhnau’s previous house has sold and I plan to send them a
Welcome Packet. They live in Mass. and will not move in until later this year. You might call James and ask
him what he knows about a possible race track coming in near him (Collier Manufacturing) at the west end of
the Troutdale Airport. It has not become public yet but he has learned that there are things in the early planning
Social Committee (Roger for Betty Keast)
Betty and committee will be working on the annual meeting, and will be planning for upcoming events after that
meeting. We do plan on having “Art in the Park” again. Social committee budget is on task.
Old Business
Letters to homeowners — Allen has written the letter to the homeowner
IRS Status- Please refer to above response from Roger Keast.

Details on proposed power plant- Joint effort between the city of Troutdale and the Port of Portland. Concerns are
noise and nitrogen oxide. lt’s early in the game for more detailed information. lf anyone hears about hearings regarding the power plant, we should report that and make effort to attend.
Drainage district meeting — No information is available at this time.
New Business
Important Document Storage – We need to investigate a secure location for important documents. There was a motion and second that we get a safety deposit box for those documents. Motion passed.

Mini-Library Box — Discussion about a “library box,” stocked with books and DVDs and shared within the neighborhood. AI Goetz is willing to start working on the project with regard to building one. It was moved and seconded that Al be tasked with going forward with this project and present a design and cost estimate for building the “library box”. Bev Knight will be helping.
Agenda   Preparation for Annual Meeting
Allen prepared a tentative agenda.
There was discussion of potential guest speakers, including  BLIA. Curt will approach Jeff Townsend about scheduling a BLIA presentation.
Officers should have a rough draft of their reports by the February meeting, concentrating on our accomplishments for this year.
Sheri suggested we try to put together a slide show of events that can be running during the social hour.
Betty Keast is the nominating committee chair.
Allen, Roger, Curt and Debbie are completing their 2-year terms.
There will be an audit report, arranged for by the audit committee. Ernie Brawley will be presenting the audit report. Proxys will go out with the notice of the annual meeting.
Membership Dues — Mailings to out in mid-February. Roger, Erika and Sheri will work on the mailings.
Proposed dues: There was discussion on proposed dues and boat fees. We will discuss this in depth at the February board meeting. Contact Roger with any expenses that need to be considered for next year’ s budget.
Next meeting: Wednesday, February 8th. at 7 p.m., location TBD.
Adjournment at 9:20 pm.