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Interlachen Inc. Homeowner s Association -— Board Meeting
Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Goetz Home
Board Members Present:
Allen Johnson — President
Erika Teyema — Vice President
Roger Keast – Treasurer
Sheri Parshall — Secretary
Debbie Weaver — FLPOA/IWPUD
Bettianne Goetz – Membership Commissioner
Tom Burns — Roads and Parks Commissioner
Curt Knight – Blue Lake Commissioner
Call to order: 7:09
Minutes from November were approved as presented.
Officer Reports
President Allen Johnson
Allen will work on planning for the Annual meeting. Curt Knight will reserve the Lake House for the annual meeting.
Vice President Erika Teyema
Discussion regarding procedure for by-law changes. Erika will be setting up a by-law review committee meeting date for
annual meeting preparation. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 27″` at 4 p.m. at Erika Teyema’s home.
Secretary Sheri Parshall
No report.
Treasurer Roger K east
Roger presented the treasurer’s report. General account contains $26,737.44, and the BLIA account contains $4,420.77,
totaling $31,286.05 in the bank. Bills are listed and are included as part of this report. Budget is mostly on track.
Roger presented expenses for payment. Moved and seconded to pay expenses as amended in the Treasurer’ s report.
Motion passed.
Roger advises that the IRS advises that they have received our letter regarding filing status. The IRS advises that they
will contact us within 90 days.
FLPOA/IWPUD — Debbie Weaver
Little to report. Discussion on new board members and Debbie will work on finding out who they are.
Bettianne will be meeting with Mike Johnson, the FLPOA President, and Diane McKeel, Multnomah County
Commissioner, regarding the Fairview Lake and the weed problem.

GSI, on IWPUD’s behalf has submitted the application regarding water rights.
Blue Lake Commissioner — Curt Knight
There has been a report that the weevils are working as planned. The water is clear. Otters, who are eating the fish,
seem to have disappeared for the time being.
Curt purchased a boat motor at the direction of the board. Tom Burns offered to store the motor until such time as it is
needed. We want to be able to use the motor/boat for water lily control, or any other appropriate usage. There will
need to be discussion regarding who can use the boat/motor.
Curt advises that his RC sailboat group will be using Blue Lake as their “home port.”
There is still one boat owner who has not paid the 2011 boat fee. There may be an option to use the existing county
ordinance to have owners in arrears of this fee cited and their boat removed. The board will explore use of this option
going forward. Bettianne suggested that we have a hand—out for boat owners.
BLIA Report. No report at this time.
Tom Burns – Road and Parks Commissioner
No report.
Bettianne Goetz – Membership
No report.
Social Committee (Erika for Betty Keast)
Lots of activities upcoming, including Santa’s visit and the caroling party. Erika will be going to the Dollar Store to get
gifts for kids, and Tom suggested going to Harry and David for candy canes and oranges.
Old Business
Letters to homeowners — Erika reported that there has been some improvement, but it’s a slow process, as homeowners
are given 30 days to take action. Allen volunteered to contact one of the homeowners directly as they reside out of
state. Bettianne suggested that we send notes of appreciation to those homeowners who took action.
10 x 15 pop-up shelters — Sheri reports that 10 x 15 canopies are available for approximately $200-240, depending on
where it’ s purchased and shipping charges. Roger suggested we include a couple of them for the budget for next year,
at a cost of $350 each, not to exceed $700.
Details on proposed power plant — Allen has done some research on a power plant which is being proposed for the area
near the FedEx location. He’ll continue to look into this and will report at a later date.
New Business
Roger would like to explore on-line banking, with regard to e·mall confirmation of the second signature. Suggested
usage would be for insurance, post office box, and street lighting, among other possibilities. Since the purpose of two
signatures is for full disclosure, that requirement is satisfied with the use of e-mail. The other issue is the language of
the by-laws as to whether or not the by-laws need to he changed to allow e-mail confirmation. Roger will explore the
system of checks and balances with regard to use of on-line banking.
Erika reported that the beavers are still gnawing on trees in the park.

Reminder that the annual meeting is April 9″‘ (the second Monday in April).
Next meeting: Wednesday, January 18″` at Sheri ParshaII’s home.
Adjournment at 8:41pm.