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Interlachen Inc. Board Meeting Monday, November 7, 2011
7 PM, Johnson Home

Present:  Tom Burns, Allen Johnson, Roger Keast, Erika Teyema, Debbie Weaver

Excused:  Bettianne Goetz, Curt Knight, Sheri Parshall

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.

The minutes from the October meeting were approved.

Officer and Commissioner Reports

Treasurer – Roger Keast
Roger provided a current bank reconciliation and budget.  The current cash assets are at $26,984.33.  A motion to approve the treasurers report and pay bills was approved with a unanimous vote.  Bills to be paid this month include:  PGE (87.67), Liberty Liability Insurance (2491.00), County Property Tax (43.81), Pedro – park maintenance (300.00), Betty Keast – social/shirts (64.00), Erika Teyema – secretarial expense (2.64).

FLPOA/IWPUD – Debbie Weaver
The FLPOA Annual Meeting was Thursday, October 20 at 7pm in Fairview City Hall.  The lake weeds were the main topic of discussion.  FLPOA membership decided to use Sonar in the fight against the invasive lake weeds.  They will be applying for the proper permits.  Members will be assessed $275 per lot.  The annuals dues were increased to $125 per year.  The assessment as well as the increase in dues will be used to cover weed treatments and legal retainers as well as replace funds that are being deferred from the boat ramp project.  FLPOA expects three Sonar treatments in the first year – in May, July, and at the end of the summer.
PUD  is still working on water rights.

Blue Lake – Curt Knight
Curt is looking into motor and still attempting to collect the last 2011 boat fee.

By-Law Committee (associate membership status and re-evaluate the Lachenview lots status) – Erika Teyema
The committee did not meet.  Erika hopes to arrange a meeting in the next month.
Roger brought dues and fee structure section of the by-laws to the boards attention. By laws indicate we may have the right to levy against homes that do not pay dues.


Road Repair Proposal – Jeff Hauck helped Tom confirm $1 square foot bid (1000 square feet minimum) from Oregon Paving.  Jeff offered to help Tom.  We need to have a contractor to come out and figure out the areas that need the most attention/best area to pave.  Tom proposed that we carry over the project to next year to do more paving at once for a better bid.  A fundraiser was suggested.
Speed Bump Striping – This will be done when weather improves.
Speed Limit Signage  – The new 15 mph speed signs are up. Thanks to Tom for taking care of this.
Signing of Bank Signature Cards – The board decided to table this matter.
Letters to homeowners – Per membership request, letters were being sent out to residents who are not complying with Multnomah County Nuisance/Vector Control Orders and Multnomah Parking Codes. Of the 4 letters sent out, one person responded.  The board appreciated this member’s efforts in calling but still requested further attention.  The board decided to extend the deadline for this member with hopes he will respond and can act in good faith. Board members will assist if help is needed.  We will proceed with calling vector control on the other three properties.  Parking enforcement will also be called for cars/boats that have been permanently parked on Interlachen Lane.
IRS Status – Roger and Allen will meet with the IRS on Thursday morning.
Cement Benches for the Park – Concrete benches at Little Baja in Portland run $157 each.  Delivery and set up is $85.  Little Baja recommends water sealing and using an epoxy to attach base to top.  The board decided to table until March for next year’s budget.
10X15 pop up shelters – We will wait for December meeting for Sheri’s report.  We are still waiting on bill for the four 10X10 tents.

Further incidents of gas siphoning and stolen items (surfboard) were reported.  Roger also noted that there has been some activity in the Blue Lake Park property on the west end of the lake. Neighbors please continue to be observant and report any unusual activity to the police.

Power Plant proposal in our area was highlighted in a recent Oregonian article.  The board should expect that the members will want to know where the board stands and how it will affect our community.  Allen will look into details of the proposed power plant.

The next board meeting will be Wednesday, December 14 at 7pm at the Goetz Home.

Meeting adjourned 8:35 pm.

Submitted by Erika Teyema.