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Interlachen Inc. Board Meeting Thursday, October 13, 2011
7 PM, Teyema Home

Present:  Tom Burns, Bettianne Goetz, Allen Johnson, Roger Keast, Curt Knight, Erika Teyema, Debbie Weaver

Excused:  Sheri Parshall

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.

The minutes from the September meeting were approved.

Officer and Commissioner Reports
President – Allen Johnson
Allen reported that he and Roger will be doing some work in the pump house trying to locate the deed to the road, original corporation documents, and proof of park ownership.  He hopes these materials can be located and used to assist in reinstating our non-profit status for the IRS.

Treasurer – Roger Keast
Roger provided a current bank reconciliation and budget.  The current cash assets are at $30,162.19.  A motion to approve the treasurers report and pay Sept/Oct bills was approved with a unanimous vote.  Bills to be paid this month include:  PGE (87.67), Busy Hands – social/shirts (61.00), Erika Teyema – social/campfire (8.98), Amer Sani-Can July/Aug (160.00), Betty Keast – social/shirts (70.25), Pedro – park maintenace (300.00), Amer Sani-Can – Sep (60.00), Bettianne Goetz – membership (16.24), and Tom Burns – park maintenance (179.50).

FLPOA/IWPUD – Debbie Weaver
The FLPOA Annual Meeting is Thursday, October 20 at 7pm in Fairview City Hall.  The lake weeds will be the main topic of discussion.  There will be a vote to confirm annual dues.
Rob Johnson is taking a leave of absence from the water district.  Jerry Larsen will be filling in for Rob during his leave.  The water district is working on documenting water rights for the wells.

Blue Lake – Curt Knight
All boats on Blue Lake have paid boat fee except one.  Attempts will be made this month to collect.
The Interlachen boat no longer has a motor.  A motion to look for a gas outboard motor – not to exceed $500 – for the Interlachen/Blue Lake boat was passed with a unanimous vote.
BLIA- October minutes have been distributed to Blue Lake residents.  The weevils are at work.  There appears to be great success on the west end, less on the east.  Speculation is this could be due to the abundance of weeds on the east end of the lake.  10,000 more weevils have been added to the lake.  BLIA was given two times the amount for the same amount of money.  It has been a great year for clarity and depth.  Income will be an issue for the future.  The grant money has been spent.  BLIA hopes to be able to address the water lilly problem as well.

Roads and Parks – Tom Burns
The 15 mile per hour signs have been purchased.  Expect to see them posted shortly.  Speed bumps need to be painted.  Tom will wait for the weather to cooperate.  Tom is still working on getting bids/proposals for the road project.  A request was made to ensure Pedro is using environmental and lake friendly products at the park.  It was also requested to ask Pedro to clean the goose droppings off the dock when he mows the park.

Membership – Bettianne Goetz
Welcome to new neighbors at the west end of the street – Suzanne and Clark Ortiz.  Bettianne will deliver them a membership package.


Road Repair Proposal – addressed in Roads and Park report
Speed Bump Striping – addressed in Roads and Park report
Speed Limit Signage  – addressed in Roads and Park report
Signing of Bank Signature Cards – The board decided to table this matter.
Letters to homeowners – Per membership request, letters are being sent out to residents who are not complying with Multnomah County Nuisance/Vector Orders and Multnomah Parking Codes.  As a reminder to all residents, the county nuisance order prohibits uncontrolled vegetation or noxious weeds, piles of garbage or junk stored outside, unsecured empty buildings, intersection obstruction, dead or decaying limbs posing a danger to the public, and cars or other vehicles that don’t work or are in pieces sitting on private property.  All cars/vehicles/boats parked on private property must be in working condition and have current registration.                                         We have also begun to see a few long term parking problems.  According to county code 15.808 subsection X, vehicles are prohibited “In any street, road, highway, alley, lane or on any sidewalk, parking strip, public park property, county-owned property or county-operated property for more than 24 hours, if the vehicle is disabled or abandoned.”  Additionally, under code 15.809 subsection C, “It is unlawful to use the public right-of-way for the storage of any object other than a vehicle without obtaining a permit from the Department of Community Services.”   At this time, residents who have parked for almost a year will receive notice to move vehicles/boats before the infraction is reported.  The board is requesting all residents to comply with county code.  We do not want to see boats and trailers lining the street this winter.  We need to keep the right of way clear for weather, emergency vehicles, buses, etc.
IRS Status – addressed in Presidents report.  Allen and Roger plan to go to the IRS office early November.    Important documents really should be kept in a safe deposit box.   We may need to look into that as new business once the documents are located.
Cement Benches for the Park – Concrete benches were found at Little Baja in Portland.  The benches run about $100 a piece.  Erika will get a price on 2 benches to fit the size and possibly style of the table in the park as well as delivery/set up/stabilizing for the November meeting.
Sani-Can Removal – Roger had it removed and paid the final bill.
10X15 pop up shelters – We will wait for November meeting for Sheri’s report.  Still waiting on bill for the four 10X10 tents.
Honorary Membership – Motion to nominate Terry Shulz for his contributions to the association.  The motion passed with a unanimous vote.  It will now be taken to the annual meeting membership to vote upon.

Erika volunteered to chair a committee to review the by-laws specifically relating to the associate membership status and re-evaluate the Lachenview lots status.  Allen Johnson, Bettianne Goetz, and Debbie Weaver offered to be on the committee.  Any other Interlachen members interested should contact Erika.  We would love to have additional members and opinions.

Tom Burns reported that gas has been siphoned out of his vehicle twice in the past month.  A canoe was also reported stolen.  Neighbors please be observant and watch out and report any unusual activity!

Next meeting will be Monday, November 7 at 7pm at the Goetz Home.

Meeting adjourned 8:55pm.