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Interlachen Inc. Homeowner’s Association – Board Meeting
Monday, September 12th, 2011
Curt Knight Home

Board Members Present:

Allen Johnson – President
Roger Keast – Treasurer
Sheri Parshall – Secretary
Debbie Weaver – FLPOA/IWPUD
Bettianne Goetz – Membership Commissioner

Call to order:  7:08

Minutes were not available for review. Sheri will forward corrected minutes for final approval and posting.

Officer Reports

President Allen Johnson

Vice President Erika Teyema
No report.

Secretary Sheri Parshall
No report.

Treasurer Roger Keast
Roger presented the treasurer’s report.  General account contains $26,737.44, and the BLIA account contains $4,420.77, totaling $31,286.05 in the bank.  Money is coming in from shirt sales.  Bills are listed and are included as part of this report.

Roger presented expenses for payment.  Moved and seconded to pay expenses as amended in the Treasurer’s report.  Motion passed.

Regarding the budget, Roger reports that budget is mostly on track, with some over-extension as noted in the attached treasurer report.  Other big-ticket expenses have not hit yet, including expenses.

Roger indicated that there will most likely be little additional revenue, except perhaps for shirt sales.  He doesn’t expect additional dues or boat registration fees.

FLPOA/IWPUD – Debbie Weaver

Debbie reported on the weed situation.  There is a harvester at work on the lake.  Bettianne reported that the harvester operated reported that they had never seen such thick growth.  No information was available for the cost.  Fairview sent residents a letter advising that Fairview would not be providing any financial assistance.  The next step is unknown at this time.  It is suggested that Jim Graybill be invited to the next meeting.  Bettianne advised that FLPOA will be having their annual meeting in October, so more information will probably be forthcoming.

Devil’s Lake Water Improvement District may be a good source of information, as they have a similar situation.  SCUBA dredging was also a potential.

Curt reported that Blue Lake is looking better than ever.  Clarity is great, and crawfish are returning.  Weevils seem to be working.  The most recent application was in June.  It was Bettianne’s opinion that due to successful environmental programs upstream, the water coming into the lake is cleaner and contributed to a clearer lake.

Allen will invite Jim to the next meeting.

Still working on water rights with wells 1, 2 and 3.  Pipes were broken and were repaired.

Blue Lake Commissioner – Curt Knight

The weed situation is the best Curt has seen in 47 years, and there have been no algae bloom.  Testing that took place during the few days of cloudiness indicated that there was no toxic bloom.  He believes the health of the lake is outstanding.  The 4th Solar Bee may be contributing.  The new Solarbee is being loaned to Blue Lake gratis.  It is unknown what the 4th solar bee bill

There seems to be a larger crop of water lilies on Blue Lake.  It was noted that cutting off the leaves may help control them.

Boat regulations seem to be working and the boat patrol is doing a good job.  The boaters have been good this year.

BLIA Report.  The next BLIA meeting will be September 20th.

Tom Burns – Road and Parks Commissioner
Tom reported that he has paint, and has someone available to do the striping on the road.

The bark dust was delivered and spread.  The board would like to thank Bruce Kuhnau for picking up and delivering the bark dust, the Schmidts for their help with spreading the bark dust, and Yuval Golan for the flowers and the water system.

Tom has contacted five parties with regard to paving the road and is waiting for proposals.

Bettianne Goetz – Membership
Bettianne is getting ready to make up membership booklets.  She noted that there are a variety of phone lists and wonders which list she should put in the booklet.  Roger will provide her with the list that she can use.

There was discussion on honorary membership and the criteria for the same.  It was suggested that this be an agenda item for the annual meeting.  It was moved that board members consider and submit suggestions for people who would be eligible for honorary membership at the next board meeting.  Motion seconded.  Motion passed.

Social Committee (Erika and Bettianne for Betty Keast)
Art in the Park was successful. The committee met and decided to go ahead with the event next year, the third weekend in August.  There is increased interest.

There is a campfire this Saturday night.  Participants should bring chairs, beverages and a roasting stick for s’mores.

Old Business

Road repair proposal – Not yet available.

Bank Signature Cards – Sheri will go to the bank and take care of adding her signature to the accounts.

Roger moved that the signators shall be President Allen Johnson, Vice President Erika Tameka, Treasurer Roger Keast, and Secretary Sheri Parshall.  Motion seconded.  Motion passed.

PGE auto-pay – Roger reports that it has been set up.

Letters to homeowners regarding property appearance will be sent by Erika where appropriate.

Broken pipe in the easement was investigated and didn’t appear to exist.

New Business

Discussion of speed limit, which is 15 miles per hour where the street narrows.  It was recommended that the signage be made more visible, including painting the road.  Roger moved that we allow up to $200 for purchase of additional 15 MPH signs. Motion seconded.  Motion passed.

Web site   There need to be a few updates to the web site, which Erika will look into.  Erika will also look into enhancing a “classifieds” section

IRS  Allen and Roger will continue to work on resolving the IRS situation.  The IRS now has the correct address to send correspondence.  Fairview Lake Country Club Estates was the original corporation.

Cement benches for the park. Betty is requesting that we get cement benches to go with the cement table.  Erika and Curt will look into the cost of benches.

Sani-Can contract  Roger recommends that we close out the contract and have the Sani-can removed.  Roger will call and tell them to pick it up.

Sheri purchased 4 pop-ups for use at the last picnic.  She will also check pricing for 10 x 15 sized pop-ups.

No announcements

Next meeting:  Thursday, October 13th, at Erika’s home.

Adjournment at 9:14 pm.