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Interlachen Inc. Homeowner’s Association – Board Meeting
Wednesday, May 11th
Allen Johnson Home

Board Members Present:

Allen Johnson – President
Erika Teyema – Vice President
Roger Keast – Treasurer
Sheri Parshall – Secretary
Debbie Weaver – FLPOA/IWPUD
Tom Burns –  Road and Parks Commissioner
Curt Knight – Blue Lake Commissioner
Bettianne Goetz – Membership Commissioner

Call to order:  7:05

Review of the March minutes.  Moved and seconded that they be accepted as presented.  Approved.

Officer Reports

President Allen Johnson:  Allen advised he’ll be bringing the books up to date.

Vice President Erika Teyema
No report.

Secretary  Sheri Parshall:  Sheri will be working with Erika to get previous minutes and get a system set up.

Treasurer Roger Keast:  Roger presented the treasurer report.  Roger has several checks for which to ask for approval, including payment for park maintenance.  Roger has purchased a combination lock (with key override) for the shed.  Erika presented bills for postage for the annual meeting.  Motion made and seconded to approve bills as listed on the treasurer report.  Motion passed.  No other business outstanding.  Roger proposes recommending automatic payment for the PGE bill (for street lighting), which has been done in the past.  This will avoid having to have two signatures on checks for payment.  Board agrees that this is a good suggestion and Roger is tasked to go forward with setting up auto-pay for PGE.

Debbie Weaver – FLPOA/IWPUD:  PUD is meeting with GSI (outside permit firm) regarding well construction and permits.  There is a meeting today to discuss the same, and Debbie will have more to report at the next meeting.

An all-member meeting last week; subjects for discussion included lake weeds and the boat ramp.

Boat ramp:  There was no progress with the boat ramp.

Weeds:  There was a presentation on the weeds on Fairview Lake.  Options include looking at sonar to treat the weeds and there may be an increase in annual dues to pay for the same, of approximately $375 per lot.  There was some discussion of taking the boat ramp money.  There are also concerns regarding the permit process.  Debbie currently doesn’t have details, but there is a proposed meeting with the City of Fairview to discuss.

City of Fairview Dock Standards:  There will perhaps be a meeting regarding dock standards with regard to requirements for docks.  Interlachen residents are exempt from these dock standard requirements.

Blue Lake Commissioner – Curt Knight
Discussion regarding keys, and who has possession.   The keys need to go board members, preferably on Blue Lake.  Curt is looking into a lock for the frontage area.  Curt will purchase the lock and hand out keys as required.  It was asked if the gate was posted as Private property, and whether or not it is worth locking the gate.  There have been problems in the past.  There is some concern about unsupervised children and night visitors.  Suggested we put some kind of motion light, and also discuss the same with the neighbors.  Board agrees that it would it should be posted “Private Property – No Trespassing” and keep it unlocked.  If there are problems the lock will be replaced.  Other suggestions are to give everyone a key.  The dock is not really good for swimming due to the weeds.   Curt is offering to treat the weeds.  Motion and second to remove the lock from the gate.  Motion passes.  Allen will chat with the neighbors and letting them know we will be removing the lock and ask for any feedback.  Allen will also chat with the neighbors about adding the weed killer.  Motion and second to contact neighbors on each side of the easement and if no objection apply the weed killer.  Note: There would be a cost associated with the treatment, and Curt has agreed to donate the chemical.
Motion passes.

No report for BLIA.  Curt has chatted with Jeff Townsend regarding getting up-to-date on BLIA business and will be doing so in the future.  Dan Kroeger is now in charge of the park, and September 30 to April 3rd is now the time period for public access to the boat ramp. Curt has questioned how we can give the rules and regulations to those boat owners who need them.  During discussion on invasive species it was noted that the park does not currently have consistent procedure for inspection for invasive species.   There may be a class teaching people how to inspect.   The solar bees have been moved.  Curt needs an updated list from Roger of boat owners who have paid and provided insurance.  All key holders will need a list.  Roger will send a paid membership list and boat list so that all key holders will know who those people are.  Boat stickers are required on all boats that are launching.  Discussion of ordering generic stickers that don’t have a date.  Copies of regulations and rules will be provided.   Discussion about the need for stickers.  Requirements would be:

  • Dues are paid
  • Proof of insurance is provided
  • Boat inspection (not just Blue Lake boat owners but all public boat owners)

Upon fulfillment of these requirements, a sticker will be provided
Curt will be tasked with handling boat launches with Tom Burns as a back-up.
One of the employees at the park would like a Blue Lake sweatshirt.  Allen will pay out of his budget, and Roger will speak to Betty about ordering it.

Tom Burns – Road and Parks Commissioner
There is a request to give an events calendar to the park maintenance employee in order to allow him to do any yard work needed prior to any of the events.  Roger would like Pedro’s e-mail address, and would prefer that Pedro bill via e-mail.  Pedro’s billing varies monthly and Tom’s approval would be needed for any deviation from the norm.
Road improvement – Tom will walk with Curt regarding road improvement and will discuss paving the driveway to the park.  Tom will get a bid for the same.

Bettianne Goetz – Membership
Bettianne is soliciting input on what Tammy did as membership chairman.  It included preparation of several mailings and oversight of the social committee, checking people in at events and the annual meeting. Tammy also prepared membership invoicing for the association.  Discussion on job description as listed in the by-laws.  Discussion on who has responsibility for dues.  Roger recommended membership acting as liaison between homeowners and the board.

Social Committee
No report.  Next event is June 18th (Pancake Breakfast)
Roger will be updating resident contact list.

Old Business

Updating web site – Erika is continuing to update the web site.

Road repair proposal – Not yet available.

Access control to Blue Lake – discussed above.

Burned out street light – work order has been sent to PGE for repair.  There is a web site to report lights out:  Report streetlight outages and problems 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week b calling (800)544 1735 or (503) 736 5710 or e-mail.

Signature cards – appropriate board members will sign and return signature cards for the bank.

New Business

Bettianne presented a mock-up of a new membership booklet which she has produced.  The booklet includes info on the lake, social events, phone list, and more.  The board approved the booklet, pending confirmation of phone numbers listed in the directory.

Event port-a-potty – do we want to rent one?  Roger submitted this idea.  Discussion regarding renting the port-a-potty, and there was positive feedback from last year.  Motion and second to get the port-a-potty for June July August September.  Motion passed.  Roger will contact American Sani-Can.

Paving the drive-way.  Tom will combine this proposal with his other project and present this bid to the board in addition to the same.  There was discussion on the entire road, and that it will probably be a multi-year project.

Roger has a gift card for Greg ($35 to Bumpers).

Next meeting:  Wednesday, June 8th at Tom Burns’ home – 21029 NE Interlachen

Adjournment at 8:40 pm.