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Interlachen Inc. Homeowner’s Association – Board Meeting
Wednesday, June 14th
Tom Burns Home

Board Members Present:

Allen Johnson – President
Erika Teyema – Vice President
Roger Keast – Treasurer
Sheri Parshall – Secretary
Debbie Weaver – FLPOA/IWPUD
Tom Burns –  Road and Parks Commissioner
Curt Knight – Blue Lake Commissioner
Bettianne Goetz – Membership Commissioner

Call to order:  7:05

Review of the May minutes.  Moved and seconded that they be accepted as amended.  Approved.

Officer Reports

President Allen Johnson:  Allen
No report.

Vice President Erika Teyema
No report.

Secretary  Sheri Parshall:  Sheri has received the books from Erika.

Treasurer Roger Keast:
Roger presented this month’s treasurer report.  Roger has checks for approval.  Motion made and seconded to approve payment of those expenses. We’re currently waiting for June billing for yard work.  Roger sent notices to folks who had not paid dues last year.  Those fees and some boat fees are coming in.  Current bank balance approximately $32,000.   Net cash available for general purposes is approximately $27,500.  There is no significant  budget activity anticipated.  The Sani-Can was been ordered, and has been delivered.  A couple of issues regarding the Sani-Can were discussed and will be addressed.

There was discussion and clarification on the Membership and the Parks budget line items, and discussion regarding the budget process, itself.  Roger confirmed that any project totaling less than $1000 can be authorized with board approval, only.  Anything over $1000 requires approval of the membership.

Roger asked if there were copies of letters that had gone out to past-due notes for dues.  Roger suggests that letters to non-members who have not paid dues in the past should have a “sales pitch” approach.  Tom suggests that the board receive a list of non-members, because there may be friends who the board members can approach.  There will be a discussion regarding boat fees.

  • Action item:  Roger to send a confidential list to the board of non-members that we may approach.

Debbie Weaver – FLPOA/IWPUD:

An all-member meeting last week; subjects for discussion included lake weeds and the boat ramp.

Boat ramp:  There was no progress with the boat ramp.

Weeds:  City of Fairview indicates that DEQ doesn’t want sonar to be used because there’s flow-through water (a concern of the City of Gresham) and close to wells.  They’re not even sure that it would be an appropriate solution.  FLPOA and Fairview are trying to get a Fairview Lake Management plan put together.

The Fourth of July Boat Parade has been moved to 7:00 p.m.  The awards system has been re-vamped, so that those who want to be judged need to “opt in”.  A reminder that there’s a tie-up at 6:30 on Saturday.  Blue Lakers should inquire of their Fairview Lake buddies for an invite!!

Applying for a state drinking water grant in order to upgrade the GSI water solutions to upgrade the wells.

Blue Lake Commissioner – Curt Knight

No report for BLIA.

Although the board had recommended removing the lock to the Blue Lake public access gate, neighbors and the PUD want the lock to remain.  It was suggested that we get a coded lock, similar to the shed lock, and send the code to members.  Allen, Debbie and Roger have a key to the gate at present, with several others in circulation.  Erika moved that Roger purchase another combination lock for the gate to replace the current key lock.  Seconded by Curt.  Motion passed.

There was a follow-up discussion regarding the “Private Property – No Trespassing” sign.  Curt will go forward with getting the sign.

There was clarification regarding boat title and insurance documentation requirements in order to get the key to launch.  Roger reported that the form for boaters needs to be changed for next year.  Roger will send Curt e-mails immediately after receipt of payment and any other documentation received with regard to boat registration.  We confirmed that Curt will need to ask for insurance, title and confirmation of boat length.  Roger sends a reminder by e-mail.  There’s no notification process/reminder  to Blue Lake except for a notation in the annual dues.

Curt put a new lock on the ramp and Tom, Curt and Allen have keys.  Several boats have launched this past month.

Curt has made up a comprehensive launch procedure.  There’s been no feedback, and the board agrees that it was well done.  Both the launch procedure and invasive species information will go onto the web site.  Curt has asked that the park employees share diligence with regard to inspection for invasive species.

  • Action Item:  Roger to get a coded lock for the Blue Lake access gate.
  • Action Item:  Curt will look into getting a “No Trespassing – Private Property” sign

Algae blooms on the lake have subsided.  We are getting a float of water lilies in some areas.  The water lilies can be killed by simply cutting off the upper leaves.

No BLIA report this month.

Tom Burns – Road and Parks Commissioner
Jeff Hauk has been helpful.  Tom has chatted with Pedro regarding maintenance, and will do his yard work before the breakfast.  Tom provided Roger with his invoice.  Discussion about using Weed ‘n’ Feed for the park.  It was requested that an organic weed’n’feed be used.  Jim Graybill would have detailed information.  Additional sand is available for $9/ton.  It’s requested that Tom look into the purchase of bark chips to replenish the current supply.  A basketball rim has been purchased.  Tom spoke to Tom Fisher about quotes for the road.

Tom chatted with Tom Rimes about repairs to the retaining wall, which have been delayed due to the water height.

Play structure has one ride that is not swinging; and Tom is asking that we purchase a heavy-duty unit to make the hanging tire spin for tire swing swivel.  These improvements would cost approximately $150.  Curt moved to purchase the hardware Tom has requested. Erika seconded.  Motion passes.

Note of interest:  Bald eagles and peregrine falcons are now nesting in the area.

Carl has been notified that there is a loose board on the play structure bridge, and he’ll be repairing it right away.

  • Action item:  Tom to check into pricing for purchase of additional bark chips for the play structure.

Bettianne Goetz – Membership
We’d like to welcome new neighbors!!
Sandy and Gary McCoy, Helen and Lyman Howard (last name to come),Ted, Cathy and Scott Schmidt , and Sara Seeley, have all received their membership booklets.  Some have already joined the Association, and we look forward to seeing the others join, as well.  Bettianne will be getting in touch with those new neighbors she hasn’t met.

Social Committee(Roger Keast for Betty Keast)
Pancake Breakfast (June 18th)banner is going up this week, and the flyer is going out tomorrow.

Kids Parade is on for the 4th of July.

July 21st potluck will be a Hawaiian Luau theme.

Roger has sent out an e-mail to residents about upcoming events.

Action Item:  Roger will let Betty know that the assignment list needs to be distributed.
Action Item:  Erika will get the posters to Betty tomorrow.

Old Business

Road repair proposal – Not yet available.

Bank Signature Cards – Sheri to sign hers and turn hers in to Roger.

Port-a-potty – Taken care of and Roger will contact the company to discuss maintenance issues.

PGE auto-pay – Roger will need to work out an e-mail issue in order to get the e-mails from PG&E.  He’ll continue to work that.

Easement access and weeds – Addressed above.

Shirt for Blue Lake Park – Betty would like to know what size our Park friend wears before ordering.    The board agreed with a suggestion to go ahead and purchase a shirt in “Betty’s size.”

New Business

Illegal Dumping.  There has been illegal dumping taking place at the west end of Interlachen.  There is contact number for the County Nuisance Division.


Bettianne wants to give a big “thank you” on behalf of herself and Al for the good wishes from their friends and neighbors.

Concern voiced about an overgrown hedge.  Tom offered to call the owner and ask them to trim their hedge.

Next meeting:  Thursday, July 14th at Curt Knight’s home at 7 p.m.

Adjournment at 8:55 pm.