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For Blue Lake Home Owners

You are asked to complete the steps below to assure our lakes safety from invasive zebra mussel and other destructive plant life.  This program will also help us control unauthorized boats from entering our lake.  You must also meet all Oregon State Marine Board requirements.

STEP 1  Pay to Interlachen treasurer, $75.00 for a launch permit and show proof of insurance.  This is to be done before contacting:
Curt Knight – 503-665-4056,  Tom Burns 503-667-0879  or Allen Johnson 503-512-8222.

STEP 2  The person you contact will ask if you have had your boat on another body  of water in the recent past.  If you have, you will have to “CLEAN, DRAIN AND DRY”  the boat in a car wash or wash with soapy water and a brush or sponge.  Live wells ( fish box ) are to be left open in the sun as are all ropes and fishing gear.

STEP 3  If there is reason to believe your boat will cause a problem for our lake you will be asked to bring your boat by the person with the ramp key to have it inspected.

STEP 4  You will be given a Blue Lake sticker and a key to the launch ramp bollard at the park.

STEP 5 Return the key immediately after launching as others may wish to use it that day.

STEP 6 You will have to go through STEP 2-5 each time you remove your boat from the lake and relaunch.

Also always comply with the parks rules on the hours you can launch your boat which are Mon.-Fri. 8-11am. and Sat./Sun. & Holidays before 9am.

Thanks all for your cooperation in this effort to keep our lake safe and trouble free.

Curt Knight
Blue Lake Commissioner