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Minutes of Organizational Interlachen Board Meeting
April  2011
3:00 PM, Johnson Home

Present:    Tom Burns, Bettianne Goetz, Allen Johnson, Roger Keast, Curt     Knight, Erika Teyema, Debbie Weaver

Excused:    Jeff Hauck, Sheri Parshall, Jeff Townsend, Gregg Whitehead

Meeting called to order at 3:00pm.

The following positions of the 2011-2012 board were decided by unanimous vote:

PRESIDENT – Allen Johnson
SECRETARY – Sheri Parshall
TREASURER – Roger Keast
ROADS & PARKS – Tom Burns
FLOPOA – Debbie Weaver
MEMBERSHIP – Bettianne Goetz


Erika will notify the webmaster to update the website.
Tom will contact Jeff Hauck to obtain park materials and get updated on the road repair proposal.
Curt will check with Jeff Townsend on the current situation with access control to Blue Lake.
Allen will see what needs to be done to get the burned out street light repaired.
Allen will contact Greg Whitehead to obtain the board binders.
Roger needs Allen and Sheri to sign new signature cards for the bank.  Allen will contact Sheri.

Allen thanked all those who served on last years board.

The date of the first board meeting will be Wednesday, 11 May, 7:00 PM at Allen Johnson’s home.

A new address and phone list is available to all members.  Please contact Erika Teyema (503)328-8928 if you would like a copy.