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Interlachen, Inc. Homeowner’s Association – 81st Annual Meeting
Monday, April 11, 2011
Lake House, Blue Lake Park, 7:00 PM

Board Members Present:

Gregg Whitehead – President
Erika Teyema – Secretary
Roger  Keast – Treasurer
Jeff Hauck – Roads and Parks
Jeff Townsend – Blue Lake Commissioner
Debbie Weaver – FLPOA/IWPUD

Board Members Absent:

Allen Johnson – Vice President

Committee Members Present:

Betty Keast – Social/Nominations
Al Goetz – Nominations (alternate)
Bettianne Goetz – Nominations
Ernie Brawley – Audit/Nominations
Mel Rieff – Audit

1.  Call to Order

Quorum reached with 40 members

2. Reading & Approval of 2010 Annual Meeting Minutes

Motion to accept minutes as posted.  Motion seconded.  Motion passed.

3.  Reports of Officers

President – Gregg worked to bring the two lakes together.  The main goal for the 2010 board was to enhance the association parks.  Work was done in both Welsh Park and the Blue Lake Easement area.  A special meeting was held in June to approve a dock in Welsh Park.  The bridge to the dock was built by Carl Marking.

Secretary – Erika thanked association members for contributing to the neighborhood.  Members acknowledged were:  Dan Reynolds, Tammy Reynolds, Allen Johnson, Jeff Hauck, Emek Golan, Chuck and Debbie (Ronni Golan’s visiting relatives), and Roger Keast for hauling 14 yards of cedar chips, Betty Keast and the social club for social events, along with all the people who help make social events successful (Easter egg hunt helpers, pancake breakfast chefs, people who help set up and take down events, carnival workers) and Jack Taylor and the Ferris boys for their help with the picnic banner.  Emek Golan and Yuval Golan were recognized for completing the new bulletin board at Welsh Park and the new tri-fold signs for picnics.  The Markings, Graybills, and Parshalls were thanked for hosting Christmas caroling events and Jerry Minor was recognized for being “someone special” at Christmas this year.  Pat Brawley was also acknowledged for her plant work at the Interlachen entrance.

Treasurer – Roger reviewed the 2010-2011 Fiscal Budget. Actuals – Spending was less than projected in most areas.  The assets reflect an ING savings account of $11,374 and a checking account at Riverview Bank of $10,566.  Total homeowner equity is $21,940.  The 2011-2012 budget was outlined.  The only significant budget change is a $3500 increase in road maintenance.  The past two years the $1500 allocated for road maintenance has been used for patching, and the patches are not holding. An ongoing program is needed to replace large sections of the roadway. Costs are estimated at $5,000 next year for the first portion of this program.

4.  Reports of Commissioners

FLPOA/IWPUD – Debbie reported that the new boat ramp has been stalled due to Fairview City personnel change and issue with the mayor.  Debbie introduced Rob Johnson of the PUD.
Rob presented the drinking water quality report (exceptional) and specified that our water is not chlorinated as there is no bacteria problem.  He reported that the water is tested for 300 chemicals including chromium.  Rob distributed the emergency numbers and requested the info be available on the Interlachen website.  The main issues of the PUD are water rights and the main and lateral service upgrades.  They have applied for some federal grants in the past but have been asked to reapply.  The well protection plan is nearly finished.  Rob closed with a request for new members to volunteer to join the PUD.
Debbie introduced Jim Graybill from FLPOA.
Jim described the general cycle of the more shallow Fairview Lake – in the past mud and sediments were stirred up and plants and weeds have not grown.  The 2010 year provided different conditions.  A calm spring allowed for a fair amount of sunlight and little movement in the water.  The clear conditions provided a good environment for plants and weeds to thrive and spread.  FLPOA is hopeful the 2011 conditions will be better.  They have a $48,000 bid for chemicals (SONAR) but permits would be a challenge.  The Blue Green Algae outbreak lasted quite a while.  The east end saw real problems.  It may have also been related to the clear water.  Phosphates help cause blooms.  Residents are reminded to cut back on the use of fertilizers and soaps, however phosphates could also be coming down the creek.  There is new technology using satellites to sample lake surfaces, address the abundance of algae, and locate the phosphate origins, as well as do e-coli testing.  More information about this technology can be found at  The FLPOA annual meeting is May 3 at Fairview City Hall.
Blue Lake Commissioner – Jeff deferred to Blue Lake Park Official, Mike Brown, Metro Representative, Elaine Stewart and Karen Williams of the DEQ
Mike Brown presented the Blue Lake Park schedule of special events (posted on Interlachen website).  The disc golf park has been delayed by permitting processes.   Metra is committed to providing a low cost place to picnic in East County even though the park runs at a deficit ($300,000 last year).  Mike has taken a new Metra position and will be replaced by Dan Kroner.
Elaine Stewart is responsible for habitat management.  They will continue to monitor blue green algae and milfoil with interns this summer as they did last summer.
Karen Williams thanked BLIA and Interlachen Association for working together to keep records.  She hopes to find a better way to get the info to the homeowners this year.  Water quality concerns for Blue Lake are nutrients (nitrates, ammonia, phosphates), warm water temperatures, lack of flushing, and possibly introduced fish (the fish eat the micro-organisms that eat the algae..this can mess up the chemistry of the lake).  The sources of the nutrients are groundwater input, run-off sediment, and internal cycling.  Finally symptoms of problems include blue green algae blooms, invasive aquatic plants, and high pH.  DEQ also question the water that is pumped into the lake from time to time for fills.  It is shallow groundwater and could be presenting a problem.  Karen talked about how water samples are collected and displayed graphs of present contaminants.
Jeff acknowledged the BLIA Board Members – David Winterholler, Herman     Winterholler, Dan Reynolds, Erik Teyema, Ernie Brawley, David Trask, Mel Rieff,     Dennis Meyer.  Jeff thanked Sue Ellen Dolan for her work in writing the weevil     grant.  Weevils were put in the lake in August.  Early this summer they will
check their progress.  Anyone wanting to harvest weeds should check with Sue     Ellen although the weevils are probably not around individual docks yet.   Weevil     T-shirts are available for purchase.  A new lock will be purchased for the bollard     at Blue Lake Park.  New keys will be issued to board members.

Roads & Parks – Jeff reported all the things accomplished in the parks over the past year.  A new play structure, benches, community bulletin board, dock and ramp were added to Welsh Park.  New stairs were put in at the Blue Lake Easement.  Both parks’ landscape was cleaned up.  Rocks will be added to the shoreline at Welsh Park when the ground is not saturated.  Jeff reported that he had some pricing on roadwork and recommended the next board work on road repair.

Social – Betty distributed the 2011 social calendar of events. (available now on website) One new event will be an Art in the Park event where artistic members will be displaying and/or selling items such as mosaics, quilts, sketches, fused glass, etc.  Anyone interested in helping plan events and joining the social club should contact Betty.

Audit – Ernie reported that he and Mel checked the books and receipts and found everything to be in order.  Roger Keast moved to accept audit report.  Bettianne Goetz seconded.  Motion passed.

Nominating – Betty listed the names of people volunteering for open board positions:  Tom Burns, Bettianne Goetz, Sheri Parshall, & Erika Teyema.  Betty made the recommendation to appoint these volunteers for the 2 year term.  Curt Knight volunteered to take the one year position vacated by Jeff Townsend.  Betty made the recommendation to appoint Curt for the vacant 1 year term.  Gregg opened up nominations to the floor.  Al Goetz moved to close nominations.  The motion was seconded and passed.  Al Goetz, Ernie Brawley, and Janice Johnson agreed to be on the next nominating committee.

5.  New Business

Debbie Weaver made a motion to go to semi-annual meetings per the board’s recommendation.  The motion was not seconded.
New business was opened to the floor.  There was no new business from the floor.
2011/2012 Budget – The only significant change to the budget was under road maintenance.  The board proposed beginning a road repair project and attempt to repair a certain number of feet per year.  Al Goetz made the motion to approve the budget.  Motion was seconded and passed.

6.  Announcements

New resident phone list is available, please take one or contact a board member to request one.
Al Goetz made a motion to adjourn.  It was seconded and passed.

Committee reports for the Annual Meeting

Interlachen proposed budget