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Minutes of Interlachen Board Meeting

February, 2011

7:00 PM, Keast Home

Present: Jeff Hauck, Allen Johnson, Roger Keast, Tammy Reynolds, Erika Teyema, Jeff Townsend, Debbie Weaver, Greg Whitehead

Meeting called to Order 7:05 pm

The minutes from the January board meeting were approved.


Roger submitted financial reports. The current balance is $22,021.99. One bills was submitted.

$15.99 – Tammy Reynolds (Membership/Annual Meeting Mailing)

Motion for bill to be paid. The motion was passed unanimously.


BLUE LAKE – Jeff Townsend

Two boats were lost. One has been retrieved. A paddle boat is still out there on the East end partially submerged.


Pedro cleaned up the easement and some trees at the park. Work will be done on the park shoreline when the grass isn’t so spongy.

SOCIAL – Roger Keast reporting for Betty Keast

The Social Committee met and planned 2011 events. On schedule for the year are membership favorites including the pancake breakfast and summer picnics as well as a few new additions including Art in the Park and a fall campfire.


As in every year, four board member positions are up for election. There may be additional positions up for a one year term, if a member whose term is not up chooses not to stay on the board.

BLIA – Jeff Townsend

BLIA requested to meet from 5:30 to 6:15 before the annual meeting. Motion to allow BLIA to meet before the Interlachen Inc Annual meeting was passed with 7 in favor and one abstention.

FLPOA/IUPUD – Debbie Weaver

FLPOA will meet 2/1 to discuss the weed problems in Fairview Lake.


There was a special meeting of the Board of Governors on Sat. Jan. 8th. The board voted to spend $400 to clean up the park waterfront and remove the holly tree and trim at the easement to improve access.

The board spent the remainder of the time discussing the annual meeting agenda.

The next meeting will be Monday, March at 7pm.

A motion to adjourn at 10:00pm was passed with a unanimous vote.