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Minutes of Interlachen Board Meeting

January, 2011

7:00 PM, Keast Home

Present: Jeff Hauck, Allen Johnson, Roger Keast, Tammy Reynolds, Erika Teyema, Debbie Weaver, Greg Whitehead

Excused: Jeff Townsend,

Meeting called to Order 7:05 pm

The minutes from the December board meeting were approved.


Erika reported that pictures from the holiday events – caroling, Santa, tea, etc. – have been posted to the website.

She reminded the board that the annual meeting will be Monday, April 11, 2011 and that preparations need to begin soon. Meeting notice and proxies must be out at least 10 days prior to the meeting along with any proposed by-law changes.

The board decided to dedicate much of the February meeting for annual meeting preparation.


Roger submitted financial reports. The current balance is $23,687.34. Bills were submitted.

$51.92 – Betty Keast (Social)

$53.00 – Tammy Reynolds (Social – Christmas/Santa)

Motion for bills to be paid. The motion was passed unanimously.


MEMBERSHIP – Tammy Reynolds

Tammy plans to send out invoices by February 15. The board unanimously voted to send a self addressed stamped return envelope along with the billing. After discussion regarding boat fee invoicing, a motion was made to include a separate boat fee bill and boating form with the Interlachen invoice. This motion passed with a unanimous vote. The boat fee invoice and form will only be included in Blue Lake resident invoices. There was a motion to continue the $15 discount to those who pay early. The motion passed with all in favor.

FLPOA/IUPUD – Debbie Weaver

Debbie reported that the chromium levels from our well have been tested by the PUD are good (in case any concerns were raised due to a recent Oregonian article about Bend chromium levels). The water is 2 feet higher than usual. The PUD is looking into updating wells. They are also researching grants and other funding to make improvements.


Tree Committee

The committee met on Dec. 29 to discuss right of way obligations per county law and per Interlachen by-laws. According to the county right of way expert, Alan G. Young, a tree in the right of way is the responsibility of the property owner “where the tree is rooted”. The road (the narrow portion of Interlachen Lane) also is an unimproved right of way. The county assumes no responsibility for it. However, should a homeowner plan to remove a tree from the right of way, proper permits must be secured. The question, “Who owns the street” remained at the moment unanswered. However, the term easement may imply the homeowners. Allen Johnson anticipated the tree committee will probably have to meet one more time and attempt to establish answers to these last questions. The by-laws may need some revision to clear up any confusion in this area.

Park Improvement Committee

The park improvement committee needs to meet and establish a plan for the Blue Lake Easement, for Welsh Park shoreline (rocks?) and for new plantings at Welsh Park. The board requested the committee to come up with this plan as well as the financial figures to present to the annual meeting.

Nominating Committee –

Roger reported that Gregg Whitehead, Erika Teyema, Jeff Hauck, and Tammy Reynolds are the present board members whose positions are up for re-election.


  1. Potholes – A number of potholes opening up on Interlachen Lane need to be addressed ASAP. Summer is the best time to address these problems, however, Jeff was going to look into the possibility of concrete patches. The next board needs to look into the costs of repaving the road…probably in portions. This could possibly be done in conjunction with the PUD with some planning.
  2. Fundraising – Tammy suggested an Interlachen Inc calendar (similar to FLPOA’s) fundraiser. Members should start taking and saving pictures to be submitted for a 2012 calendar.
  3. Erika will develop pictures from the summer carnival. They will be available at the annual meeting.
  4. The lakehouse needs to be reserved for the annual meeting. Erika will call. The social committee will set up at 5:30 pm. There will be a social hour from 6-7pm. The meeting will be from 7-9pm.


Board members should email annual meeting agenda items to Gregg for the next meeting.

Board members should email budget expectations to Roger before the next meeting.

Thanks to Jerry Minor for being Santa to over 20 some children this year.

The next meeting will be Monday, January 31 at 7pm at Erika Teyema’s Home.

A motion to adjourn at 10:00pm was passed with a unanimous vote.