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Minutes of Interlachen Board Meeting

December 6, 2010

7:00 PM, Keast Home

Present: Jeff Hauck, Allen Johnson, Roger Keast, Erika Teyema, Jeff Townsend, Debbie Weaver, Greg Whitehead

Absent: Tammy Reynolds

Meeting called to Order 7:10pm

The minutes from the October and November board meetings were approved.


Gregg asked the board to forward any 2011 board candidate names on to Betty Keast.


Roger submitted financial reports. The current balance is $23,772.04. Bills paid for October and November include:

$600.00 – Pedro – Sep/Oct Landscape Maintenance

$200.00 – Emek Studios – Signboards

$87.45 – PGE – October

$200.00 – Ben Williams – Potholes

$87.45 – PGE – November

$9.00 – Betty Keast – Social Paper


FLPOA/IUPUD – Debbie Weaver

Utilities (First Call) need to be called before Emek digs for the new sign in the park. Jeff Hauck said he will remind Emek. Debbie reported that Rob Johnson of the PUD recommended the board revisit discussion on the cutting down of trees in the easement. After discussion, the board decided to form a special committee headed by Allen Johnson to review Unincorporated Multnomah County Easement Property Policy as well as insurance liability.

SOCIAL COMMITTEE – Roger Keast for Betty Keast

Christmas Caroling and the Annual Marking Party will take place on Tuesday Dec 14th. Santa’s Annual Visit to Interlachen Lane will take place on Tuesday, December 21st. Members interested in having Santa visit should contact Tammy Reynolds. More information is available on the website. Childrens caroling is being planned for the week prior to Christmas when kids are off school. .


Jeff thanked Gregg for getting some of his guys to patch the potholes on Interlachen Lane. There was some discussion of cutting the laurels in the Blue Lake easement down. Committee members voiced some concern about such action opening access to the easement as there is currently not a fence on the east side of the easement as well as the aesthetics of such a move. Jeff may have Pedro trim them back. The board recommended that the committee for park improvement meet and present options for park and easement improvements for 2011 before any radical changes are made.

BLIA – Jeff Townsend

There has been an on and off algae bloom on Blue Lake in the past month. DEQ and Solar Bee have been in discussion about such a late bloom. BLIA will be getting a report from the president of Solar Bee about the possibility of adding a 4th Solar Bee. BLIA will be exploring this option as well as adding more weevils, suction harvesting, and raking. No decisions will be made without presentations to the homeowners. The Solar Bee report and an update on donor contributions will be distributed when it is available.


  1. Roger discussed the shed latch and lock. The latch is not always property latched and thus the doors are not sealed tight allowing water to get in. The lock isn’t working properly either. Jeff Townsend said he would look at it. A motion to get it fixed at a cost of less than $100 was made and passed unanimously.
  2. Erika made a request for an improved agenda to be distributed prior to each board meeting. Other board members concurred that board action items in their report or under new business be included on the agenda. The improved agenda would help the board members be prepared for all discussion on said items as well as provide a possible time line/time frame for the length of the meeting. An idea would be for board members to email their action items or new business to Gregg prior to the meeting. Board members also expressed a desire to have the meetings with a two hour time limit if possible.


The next meeting will be Monday, January 3 at 7pm at Roger Keast’s Home.

A motion to adjourn at 9:05pm was passed with a unanimous vote.