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Minutes of Interlachen Board Meeting

September, 2010

7:00 PM, Keast Home

Present: Roger Keast, Erika Teyema, Jeff Townsend, Debbie Weaver, Greg Whitehead

Excused: Jeff Hauck, Allen Johnson, Tammy Reynolds

Meeting called to Order 7:25pm

The minutes from the August board meeting were approved.


Gregg wanted to acknowledge the time, energy, and design contributions of Carl Marking for the ramp/bridge to the new dock. A ribbon cutting ceremony took place at the August Social picnic.

Gregg also reported on the workings of Roberts Rules of Order. Future officer, commissioner, and committee reports may be allotted time limits.


Roger submitted financial reports. The current balance is $29,176.82. Several bills were submitted.

$300.00 – Rock & Roll (social music)

$20.80 – Betty Keast (social picnic)

$73.00 – Busy Hands (social T-shirts)

$87.49 – PGE – monthly lighting

$74.00 – Amer Sani-Can Rental – est. pending

$900.00 – Pedro R. (June, July, Aug park landscape) – est. pending

Motion for bills to be paid. The motion was passed unanimously.


FLPOA/IUPUD – Debbie Weaver

Debbie reported that there is still a blue green algae bloom in Fairview Lake.

BLUE LAKEJeff Townsend

Jeff Townsend moved the boat trailer. The utility trailer is missing from Welsh Park. There was discussion about adding water to Blue Lake. Some board members felt that it was late in the season to be adding water. The cost of adding water is considerable and it can evaporate quickly. Other board members felt that low lake levels could provide a chance for homeowners to work on retaining walls and docks this fall. The board decided not to take any action on a water fill this month.

The lock for the pipe bollard is missing. A motion was made to purchase a new lock and 12 new keys (6 for the board, 6 for the park). The motion passed unanimously.

Blue Lake also has a blue green algae bloom.

The first weevil bill has been paid. T-shirts have been designed and proceeds from the sale of the Weevil T-shirt will go to BLIA. BLIA will be distributing a newsletter soon. Gregg suggested Jeff Townsend and Jim Graybill should have discussion about the similar problems facing the 2 lakes.


The fall campfire is scheduled for Sept. 17th – weather permitting.

Gregg made a suggestion that we should start a list of people who have helped contribute to the social events and association projects throughout this year.


Park Improvement Committee

Carl finished the bridge/ramp. The hand rail was not part of the original design but was added for safety and aesthetics. Roger’s key to the easement is not working. Jeff will need to check to make sure the lock hasn’t been damaged. Jeff also needs to address potholes. Gregg recommended that Jeff put a request in to the county to see if they would take any action.

Blue Lake Fee Structure Committee –

The committee is looking to leave things as they are. Members cannot be assessed due to BLIA’s tax status. The committee continues to debate why just boat owners pay for the water fills that benefit all homeowners on Blue Lake. The committee feels they need to address this discrepancy but haven’t found the proper solution.

Gregg requested for the committee to decide if they want to bring a proposal to the membership next April to allocate boat fees for Blue Lake specific projects only. (The treasurer currently keeps track of the boat fees separately but there is no allocation of them in the by-laws.)


  1. Erika wondered how many homes had been a recent target of vandalism. She noticed 2 street signs and 3 lamp posts were knocked down. Residents should keep alert of any unwanted activity and report anything suspicious to the police.


The next meeting will be Monday, October 11th at 7pm at Jeff Townsend’s Home.

A motion to adjourn at 10:00pm was passed with a unanimous vote.