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Interlachen Inc. Board of Directors
Monthly Meeting Agenda
November 1st, 2010
7pm at the Whiteheads

1. Call to Order
Members Present: Allen Johnson, Greg Whitehead, Roger Keast, Tammy Reynolds, Jeff Townsend, Jeff Hauck, and Debbie Weaver

2. Adoption of Agenda
3. Reading and approval of Minutes – Tabled.
4. Jeff Hauck moved that we go right to new business so that Emek could present his proposal for a new bulletin board and not have to wait through the normal agenda items. This was agreed to by the board.
5. New Business – Emek Golan presented his conceptual images of the new bulletin board, materials, and proposed placement. Bid is for $950 and includes installation and landscaping. Tammy moved we approve $950 for the bid. Motion passed unanimously.
6. Reports of Officers:

  • President-Greg Whitehead – 1st Monday of the month should be standard for board meetings, unless consensus moves it for a month. This way, board members can better plan around board meetings.
  • Vice President-Allen Johnson – No report.
  • Treasurer-Roger Keast – No major expenses due, so budget is looking good. We didn’t have any unexpected expenses this year which enabled us to do some special projects like the play structure and dock. There are some new proposals, but the park improvement committee needs to meet and flesh out their proposals for the annual meeting.
  • Secretary-Erika Teyema- No report (Allen Johnson took minutes).

7. Reports of Commissioners:

  • Blue Lake Commissioner-Jeff T. – There was discussion of water fills. Jeff Hauck moved we do not put water in Blue Lake this fiscal year. Motion passed. A request was made to Jeff Townsend to talk to the county about needed improvements to the boat launch at Blue Lake. Tight turn and ballard base that is too high.
    Jeff noted that the 2nd BLIA newsletter has been distributed.
  • Road/Parks Commissioner-Jeff H. – Pot hole fix. Jeff H. Requested $200 to put QPR in the holes. Motion wasn’t needed, so motion withdrawn. (Addendum – potholes have now been patched).
  • Membership Commissioners-Tammy R. – No report.
  • FLPOA/IWPUD Commissioner-Debbie W. – FLPOA had their annual meeting. Weeds were a major topic. Decision to wait and see. Weeds have appeared because the water has never been this clear before. It is a new dynamic for the lake. Wait and see what happens next Spring. Blue Lake and Fairview Lake need to talk and compare notes on weed eradication efforts. Mike Johnson is the new president of FLPOA replacing Gary Stonewall.
  • IWPUD – Oregon has requested new testing and information on the wells. The IWPUD is gathering information and filling out the forms.

8. Committee Reports:

  • Social – Roger for Betty Keast, Request to notify Betty if board members do not plan to continue on the board after next April, so that the nomination committee will know how many people are needed for next year’s board. Motion to pay Emek $200 for the sandwich boards he made for the Social Committee. Motion passed.
  • Dues Committee – Allen J, Last meeting BLIA requested that things remain status quo. They would not support a new dues structure. A follow up committee meeting needs to take place to decide next steps.

9. Old Business – None
10. New Business – A tree branch fell and blocked the road at 20939 Interlachen. The county came and cleared the road, but left the debris. An assessment was made of the health of the tree by an arborist who determined it failed 11 of the 12 assessments they make for assessing trees. The tree is in the easement. There was much discussion as to who’s responsibility it is to have it removed. Jeff T. moved the board approve $970 to have the tree removed and hauled away. The tree leans towards Greg Whitehead’s home, so he abstained from voting as he felt he was too invested in the decision and stood to gain from a favorable vote. The motion failed 3 to 3, as a majority is required to pass.
10. Public Announcements/Comments – (none)
11. Next meeting date? December 6th at the Keast’s.